A Delhi Industrialist Is Building Giant Hanuman Statues Across India, Here’s Why


The foundation stone for the 108-foot Hanuman statue whose construction is estimated at Rs 100 crore under the “Hanumanji Char Dham Project” was laid in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu on February 23. The statue, claimed to be the third in the series after Jakhu Hill in Shimla in the north in 2010 and Morbi in Gujarat in the west, will be erected by Harish Chander Nanda Education and Charitable Trust. On February 23, the founding ceremony was presided over by Industrialist Nikhil Nanda of HC Nanda Trust in the presence of RSS all India Secretary General Dattatreya Hosabale and former UPSC Secretary Choubey. Initially, the project was started in 2008 by Nikhil Nanda, where the first statue was completed in 2010 in Shimla and then opened for visitors.

Nikhil Nanda, a businessman with nearly two decades of experience in the oral care industry, installs the statue. Being a devotee of Lord Hanuman, he is erecting the tallest statue of Hanuman in the four directions of India through HC Nanda Foundation. Before moving to Delhi, Nikhil’s family lived in Haryana. Nikhil decided to thank his favorite God in a big way after watching his business grow by leaps and bounds over a decade ago.

“My company has become the number one toothbrush manufacturer in the country. JHS Svendgaard Laboratories is one of the leading toothbrush manufacturers in India. As a devotee of Lord Hanuman, I wanted to thank him for his blessings in installing the statues,” said Nikhil Nanda, Managing Director and CEO of JHS Svendgaard Lab Ltd.

Talking about the ambitious project – Harish Chander Nanda Trust, which is the philanthropic arm of Nanda’s dental care society, Nikhil Nanda said that he and his family have been visiting Jakhu Mandir in Shimla for more than four decades, and so he has decided to build Lord Hanuman statue in Shimla. “It was a blessing to be able to build the statue of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Mandir in Shimla which is visited by thousands of devotees every month,” said Nikhil Nanda.

He said the idea to erect the statue came to him when he saw the colossal statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The first giant statue built in Shimla was completed in two years and was carved by a sculptor from Rajasthan. Around 1,500 tons of materials are said to have been used to build the statue. Subsequently, keeping in mind the immense wind speed at this height, a team from IIT Delhi specially designed the concrete used for the project. Similarly, the third gigantic statue of Lord Hanuman is expected to be erected at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu by 2024.

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