Abuja building materials market on fire – The Whistler Nigeria


The Dei-dei building materials market along the Kubwa-Zuba highway was set on fire following civil unrest in the area.

The crisis that saw property destroyed amid clashes left people rushing to safety as three churches were reportedly burnt down

According to an eyewitness, Friday Omeje, who spoke to THE WHISTLERthe riot began when a commercial motorcyclist crashed while his passenger, a woman, died in the process.

Mr Omeje said: ‘I was surprised when I saw people running for protection. What happened is that a biker (Okada) carrying a woman had an accident and the woman fell on the express when an oncoming vehicle ran over her and she died on the shot.

“The woman’s relatives then called soldiers who rushed to the scene and started arresting okada men, beating them and burning their bicycles. That’s when it all went downhill and other Hausa people took over.

“People across the Deidei axis were just running to pick up their children from school after the crisis hit the building materials market.”

However, security guards have been deployed at the time of writing this report.

Security agents, including civil defence, police and soldiers, had arrived at the scene by the time our correspondent arrived.

They managed to disperse the rioters even as rain further eased the growing tension around the area.

THE WHISTLER had contacted Federal Capital Territory Police Command spokeswoman DSP Josephine Adeh about the matter, but she said she would get back to our correspondent after confirming the incident.


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