Auction to murder a student


Police are looking for three unidentified people who allegedly attempted to murder a 19-year-old undergraduate student in the city by forcing her to drink juice allegedly mixed with a toxic substance recently. The attempt is believed to be in retaliation for his rejection of a youth’s advances.

Police have launched an investigation into a complaint lodged by the girl’s mother near here. Law enforcement sources said the three unidentified people followed the girl, a B.Com sophomore, and allegedly accosted her as she walked to her grandmother’s house after getting off at the ‘bus stop.

The sources said one of them pulled her shawl, while another held her hand. The other person allegedly forcefully poured juice mixed with a poisonous substance into his mouth and left the place. The girl who subsequently fell ill was admitted to a private hospital here for treatment.

Police say the girl was allegedly followed by a stranger who recently proposed to her and the angry girl allegedly hit him. Following this, the three strangers followed the girl and tried to kill her. Further investigation was underway.

BHEL police registered a file under different headings of the ICC including 307 (attempted assassination)


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