Austin ISD mulls two bond packages for November vote


Feature Photo: AISD’s enrollment and early learning team promotes its pre-k programs in July. The district will decide later this month whether or not to send a bond proposal to voters in November. Image: Austin ISD/Facebook

Posted: 8-7-2022

By Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County)Austin CIO hopes to improve school infrastructure as it is currently receiving feedback on two draft proposals for the November 2022 bond election.

One proposal is for $1.55 billion and a second for $2.18 billion.

The $1.55 billion package would not require a tax increase and would include upgrades such as HVAC upgrades, fire alarms and security systems.

In addition, the layout would improve the district sports fields in each high school, as well as the renovation of Nelson Field and its bus stations. The funds would renovate 14 schools with technology upgrades and bus replacements.

The $2.18 billion proposal would require a tax rate increase of 1 cent. The proposal includes improvements found in the smaller proposal, as well as seven other school renovations that improve sports and performing arts facilities. A unique provision of the bill would allocate funds for teacher housing from 240 to 400 units to help teachers live in the city.

The board will decide later this month whether to proceed with a voter bond proposal in the November ballot. If voters approve the projects, the district can sell bonds to pay for them.


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