Bid for longer holiday stays on Yarmouth waterfront turned down


10:25 am September 15, 2022

1:50 p.m. September 15, 2022

A bid to extend seaside holiday stays to 90 days has been rejected.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council planners have said the proposed Regency Hotel extension to North Drive, Yarmouth is likely to be used for residential occupancy.

The hotel adjoins the Majestic, formerly the Sea Princess, and has been granted permission to turn into holiday apartments after attempts to create permanent residences failed.

Under the authorization, granted in June, the duration of the stay is limited to 28 days.

The plaintiff had argued that increasing it to 90 days would help families and retirees who wanted to stay longer.

Planners, however, said no evidence was provided to prove a claim.

A report said: “It is considered that 90-day occupancy should be considered capable, and to some extent, of being used for residential occupancy, whether or not as a primary or principal residence.

“Using such a length of stay would on the one hand allow for a degree of ‘sustainable tourism all year round’, but the benefits are less felt as the length of stay increases, and so this reduces the real tourism benefits which are introduced by shorter term occupation and investment in other businesses and the social dynamism offered by short term accommodation.

“With prolonged occupation there is less tourism investment and therefore less investment in major new tourism, recreation and entertainment in this area of ​​the waterfront, as there would be fewer visitors to use these facilities. .

“As the use of the units becomes more and more residential, there is growing concern that existing tourist use will be replaced by non-tourist use.

“Given the above concerns, the proposal would be contrary to policy.”

The council’s environmental services section said allowing longer stays would effectively create an HMO (multiple occupancy home) which would require a license and certain kitchen and bathroom fittings.

He concluded that a beachfront HMO would be “harmful” to tourism.

Commenting on the app, a nearby hotel said there was no demand from holidaymakers for such long stays.

The owner added: ‘Never do people go on vacation for a period of 90 days let alone 28 days because that period would be accurately described as a permanent life and not a leisure break in a permanent home.’


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