Bugaboo Building on Bangor Mall Boulevard goodbye


It’s not like you were there last week, or even last year for dinner, but it will be sad to know it’s not there anymore. It’s going away. Brick by brick. Scrap metal too.

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse actually closed the Bangor Mall Blvd restaurant in June 2016. So it’s been over five years! But there are many locals who have fond memories of the restaurant.

And while it would have been great to have another restaurant or business move into the building allowing everyone to make new memories, that’s not going to happen.

The building was demolished, and these photos are from this morning. (Monday, March 21.)

They load the dumpsters with the leftover materials and haul everything by truck.

When asked before they tore down the building weeks ago, one of the workers outside the building, when asked what was going to be built on that plot of land, said smiled and with complete sincerity, replied

A beautiful green lawn.

Would you bet for or against this being the end result in this high traffic area of ​​Bangor?

The same friendly worker, when asked about another restaurant or business of another type moving into the building, said:

The interior is in rather poor condition.

Well, the building is just a memory.

So I guess an optimist thinks “Who doesn’t like weed?”

But here’s a restaurant or business we all want to support by starting over at 24 Bangor Mall Blvd with a brand new building.

Goodbye Bugaboo. You are one of the most missed restaurants in Bangor.

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