Building Changes Planned for Endwell State Police, Judicial Facility


A Union City building will soon be reconfigured to accommodate a state police substation and the relocation of court operations.

The site on East Main Street in Endwell had been built to house the town court.

Court operations were later moved to the Johnson City Village Justice Building, but the city plans to move them back to Endwell next year.

To make room for the court offices, the State Police will be relocated to the lower level of the city building.

A New York State Police station will be moved to the lower level of this Endwell building. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

A New York State Police station will be moved to the lower level of this Endwell building. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

City Supervisor Richard Materese said preparations for the changes were being finalized. He said flood protection works are planned for the court building and the office building in the nearby town.

Materese told WNBF News the city is working with state police to develop a plan that will meet the agency’s needs. He said a small addition will be built into the building to provide space for state police operations.

When the addition is complete, some of the rooms will be rearranged so that the state police facility can be moved to the ground floor. Once this move is complete, work can begin to move the municipal court facilities.

Materese said moving court operations would save the city about $50,000 a year in rent payments it made to the Village of Johnson City.

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