Building materials worth 150,000 Ghc stolen from the SHS site of the Sekesua Community Day


Sekesua Community Day SHS website

Construction materials worth around 150,000 Ghc were stolen from the site of the unfinished Community Day High School in Sekesua, Upper Manya Krobo District, Eastern Region.

The stolen items include 3,700 pieces of 5-inch blocks, 2,900 pieces of 6-inch blocks, 3,000 pieces of 2-by-4 cyber lumber, 1,200 pieces of Wawa planks and 402 pieces of marine planks.

The other items are 350 pieces of 20mm iron rods, 300 pieces of 12mm iron rods, 290 pieces of 20mm iron rods, 90 pieces of 6inch PVC pipe, 60 boxes of 4 nails inch, 230 6 inch pieces of PVC pipe, 4 bundles of line pipe and 16 wheelbarrows all kept in the locked storage room.

The theft was detected by Maxwell Amoah Oppong, Managing Director of Wilglob Ghana Limited, the construction company that is building the E-Block Community Day SHS in Sekesua.

The suspects took advantage of the long hiatus from the construction company, which last visited the site in February this year due to the government’s failure to pay for the work carried out.

An old complaint was filed the same day, December 22, 2021, to the Asesewa District Police Command.

The general manager led police to the home of one of the suspects Sulley Yakubu, 42, where 100 pieces of 6-inch concrete block were found parked at the back of his house.

He was arrested but told police during questioning that the items were brought from the construction site by one Eliasu Morro, 48, who was also arrested.

The suspects were, however, released on bail the same day by Asesewa police.

Wilglob Ghana Limited Managing Director William Atamudzi said he was not happy with the way the local police are handling the case and therefore wants the regional CID to take over the case to arrest other accomplices.

Meanwhile, Asesewa District Commander DSP John Yeboah says he has given bail to the two suspects in the police investigation to allow them to help rescue other suspects.

Sekesua Community Day SHS is one of over 100 E-Block projects that the government is struggling to complete due to financial issues. The installation is 65% complete, but the contractor hopes he will resume work to complete it following a new agreement with the government.

Construction of 200 community day SHS across the country was started by former President John Dramani in 2014 to improve access to secondary education, but completed 46 before stepping down in 2016.


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