China builds infrastructure near Arunachal border, says army Eastern Command chief


The head of the Indian Army’s Eastern Command said on Monday that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China was engaged in building capacity of infrastructure across the international border in Arunachal Pradesh. The General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command, Lt. Gen. RP Kalita, however, said the Indian side is also continuously improving its infrastructure and capabilities to deal with any situation that may arise along the border. .

“Across the Line of Real Control (LAC) in the Tibet region, there are many infrastructure developments underway. The other side is constantly improving its road, rail and air connectivity as well as its 5G mobile network. in order to be in a better position to respond to a situation or mobilize forces,” he told a press conference here. Chinese authorities have built border villages near the ALC that can be used for dual purposes, Kalita said.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation. We are also improving our infrastructure and capabilities as well as the mechanism to handle the situation. It put us in a strong position,” he added. Kalita asserted that the Indian Army is fully ready with “a high level of operational readiness”.

The Indian Army Commander has acknowledged that the difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions have been the biggest challenges while improving capabilities and infrastructure at forward locations which has led to delays in the completion of the projects. Asked about the border clashes between the two major armed forces in several places, he said the actual border was not properly demarcated, especially along the McMahon line.

“This has created different perceptions of the India-China border which are not accepted by both sides. friction,” Kalita said. He also denied that any intrusion is taking place along the border with China and whatever is reported, it is only due to a problem of perception.

“Once the border is properly demarcated, I hope there will be no problem,” he said, adding that there had been no cases of trespassing since the 1962 war. Asked about the land border law that China enacted from January, giving more power to the PLA to protect its sovereignty and borders, he said the military and other stakeholders were analyzing various implications. new laws.

“The necessary deductions have been made and we are preparing our forces to meet the challenge,” he said without giving further details. Kalita added: “The eastern border presents many challenges. We have demonstrated exemplary professionalism and bravery. Last year was extremely eventful and we rose to meet all the challenges. We are ready to meet all challenges in the future. He said that for the Indo-China border, the Indian army has put in place a robust mechanism. This includes bilateral agreements and various protocols to defuse tensions and maintain peace and tranquility.

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