City Council launches new initiative to defend Llanrwst


LLANRWST Town Council has decided to take direct action quarterly to monitor the state of the town and hold the relevant authorities to account.

The City Council has long made representations to Conwy County Council and the Welsh Government, outlining issues that need to be addressed.

But in light of the wide range of issues encountered, the city council decided to support the Roads and Planning Committee’s proposal to undertake quarterly assessments.

Lyn Jones, City Clerk; Cllr Alun Jones, Mayor; Cllr Mostyn Jones, Deputy Mayor; Councilor Arwel Roberts; and Cllr Philip Appleton began the first quarterly assessment last weekend.


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Cllr Mostyn Jones, chairman of the highways and planning committee, said: “As a council, we see and experience first hand many issues in our community.

“While reviewing the wide range of issues across the city, we have agreed to conduct an assessment quarterly so that we can keep track of any issues and report to the appropriate authorities.

“The aim is to ensure that Llanrwst receives the care and attention it deserves, particularly from the Welsh Government and Conwy County Borough Council.

“In our very first session, we saw several issues such as damaged cobblestones, blocked gullies and broken ramps.

“We love Llanrwst and are determined to use the levers at our disposal to ensure others do too.”


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