Clarkson undergraduate receives award for technical paper


Andrew Tota, an undergraduate civil and environmental engineering student, won second place in the Environment and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Congress 2022 Undergraduate Division for his paper, Experimental Investigation of Flow Characteristic within Mussel’s Mesohabiats. Tota is an undergraduate student in the lab of civil and environmental engineering professor Abul Baki.

Tota’s article examines the decline of freshwater mussel populations around the world, particularly in North America. In order to study the local flow fields around freshwater mussels, in particular Elliptio complanata, a sequence of mesohabitats was created in an open channel. The configuration contains a mixed sand and gravel bed with a riffle, run, pool, and slide mesohabitat sequence based on measurements of nearby Grannis Creek, located in Canton, NY. The results of this study could help improve the restoration of degraded freshwater mussel habitats. This is a research project in collaboration with Professor Alan Christian from the Department of Biology.

The Environmental & Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers is ASCE’s technical source for environmental and water-related issues. EWRI is one of ASCE’s nine technical institutes. Their members include professionals whose focus areas are:

  • the environment;

  • Underground waters ;

  • Surface water;

  • Hydraulics and Waterways;

  • Irrigation and Drainage;

  • planning and management;

  • urban water resources;

  • water supply, waste water and storm water;

  • watershed; and

  • National and international interdisciplinary issues.


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