Congress passes bill authorizing multiple water infrastructure projects in central state


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WSMV) – The United States House of Representatives has passed a new law that will allow water infrastructure projects in central Tennessee.

Submitted by U.S. Representative John Rose, the bipartisan Water Resources Development Act of 2022 will authorize environmental infrastructure projects in Trousdale, Macon and Sumner counties and the cities of Carthage and Portland. Officials said these projects would help these growing communities adapt their water infrastructure to meet the needs of growing demand.

“Authorizing these projects ensures that our growing communities in central Tennessee have the infrastructure they need to continue to thrive. Coordination between our local communities, elected officials and the federal government has made this possible. I am extremely proud to lead these projects through the House and hope that the bill will pass the Senate and be signed into law soon,” said Rep. Rose.

According to officials, Congress has already approved WRDA legislation every two years since 2014 to authorize water resources infrastructure projects carried out by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Some of the authorities specified by this bill include a Trousdale County watermain expansion project to meet growing drinking water needs in surrounding counties like Sumner and Macon, a watermain upgrade project sewers of Carthage, some of which are over seventy years old. old, and a project to upgrade the existing Portland PVC pipe with 12″ ductile iron, as well as the installation of a new 12″ flexible pipe in conjunction with other water projects in course in Portland.

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