Consideration of Governor Abdulkadir’s candidacy for a second term – By Adamu Yalwa Gabi


Recently, Bauchi State recorded a revolution in the political history of the state where a sitting governor became the first to break the jinx of enjoying a two term system as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The state could be described as the second in all of the nineteen states in the northern region after the kano that had produced the end of Mal. Aminu Kano as a highly respected Nigerian politician, reformist and co-founder of the defunct progressive Northern Elements Union NEPU, a party where a famous Bauchi teacher, writer, social critic, genius poet, journalist, nationalist and scholar Islamic Evil. Sa’adu Zungur emanates from.
Such a special type of democratic recognition has caused political gladiators in the North to choose Bauchi as the epicenter or determinant where political activities start with the hope of seeking success in their struggle, just like the text written on the front burner of the cap military with an Arabic inscription known as AJAMI called NASSARU MINALLAH; which means that success comes from God in relation to any Muslim pilgrim who visits Mecca for Hajj without paying homage to the Ka’aba, all his spiritual obligations are said to be incomplete or totally unacceptable.

Housing, delve a bit into the political archives of Governor Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir’s predecessor, Barr. MA Abubakar and a senior lawyer par excellence whom I pity for being the first to fall victim to a single tenure system which many influential players in Bauchi State politics believe may not be stranger to his refusal to name the son of an elder. whose living room is used to decide the faith of any incoming governor being a godfather since the return of democracy in 1999 as a member of the cabinet as a legacy as the kauran Bauchi had cemented this anomaly in the constitution of his council members executive until last year when he was aggrieved along with his sister in a major cabinet reshuffle.

Other alleged contributing factors were the then government’s plan to throw away the guber ticket after its truncated tenure of eight years in the Katagum zone which shares the same number of seven LGAs each with the southern zone which saw the emergence of 3 former governors and the incumbent as the fourth, giving him approximately twenty-four years of leadership of the state’s 20 LGAs. The proposal which has drawn accusations on most of the elites in the over-favoured area of ​​the likes of the former statesman who was a former minister of state, foreign affairs during the second republic and co does not wish that a dream come true lest he be marginalized when the power steering turns in his direction, plus the concern he caused in the Katagum area when he inaugurated his first capital road project of about 85 km from Misau in road from udubo to Gamawa.

Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, an ancestor of the Duguri royal family who started his career as a journalist and technocrat before venturing into partisan politics virtually at the end of Obasanjo’s term, could say he drew a great lesson from its appearance. executing major capital projects comparable to a replica of the state’s first civilian governor and likewise the only democratically elected hero in the number one seat in the history of Bauchi State created from the states of the northeast in 1976 from Zaki LGA of the same area of ​​Katagum Alh. Abubakar Tatari Ali of blessed memory who had during the first republic conceived and started the founding ceremony to make Bauchi not only a city for local investment but across the world for him Bala to secure his candidacy for a second term without experience severe headaches or suffer from any electoral fatigue.

Apparently, even with a number of criticisms and protests against the said implementation of the policy, but whatever the situation, the common man has nothing to say against him, especially regarding what is visible in the eyes of the citizens if not on the stingy nature by some of his political appointees including the presidents-elect of LG who are openly aired for not helping things when the need arises from their supporters while claiming that they are not fully funded to reach out to grassroots fraternity and still refusing to step down to testify their evidence or inaction to political dogs eager to wag their tongues and ready to eat any flesh as part of a dividend of democracy acceptable everywhere in the universe.

Turning back, to the political tsunami of Buhari in 2015 which had unraveled many players in the political arena due to an unprecedented love, if not unconditional and sincere sympathy shown to the ruling party of the native born in Daura by the majority of the masses who coincidentally lay down some at the helm of affairs in certain elective positions who had never dreamed or thought of crossing paths at any cost with the leadership for their non closeness to the electorates. By these I mean the few Nigerians living in Diaspora whom we might have seen with little or no relevance even at their wards but timely to join the winning train as a try when the APC rang the competition bell , perhaps, ended up getting a fruitful result.

Speaking about the political intimacy of the APC gubernatorial candidate, who was a former Air Chief of Staff and now Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Air Marshal of the Republic of Chad, Saddique Baba Abubakar (rtd) with President Muhammadu Buhari, Kaura seems to be closer and intimate with him was the first to be his political associate as early as 2007 the ANPP presidential race was concerned where Governor Bala became a benefactor of Buhari by defeating then-incumbent Governor Ahmad Adamu Mu’azu of the PDP whose dream was to enter the red chamber in southern Bauchi. the senatorial election was foiled by Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of the opposition party from where his stars began to shine when he ran for Jonathan to be constitutionally cleared to serve as interim president when ‘Yar’ Adua was on a medical trip to Germany and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2010. In fact, this is what landed him the ministerial slot of FCT, Abuja for a solid five years in a row.

With a holistic approach, I see the strong opposition party candidate as a political buff or even an infant who needs or needs to suck enough breast milk from a nursing mother to be physically fit and fully matured for make a head-to-head political collision. with a nimble, reinforced, and above all delivering Governor Bauchi to a promised land that is not the accidental type caused by reckless driving or natural phenomena given his little or no practical knowledge of the numbers game even with the degree qu he obtained in B . Political Science.

Not to mention the critical role played in ousting the previous administration to which he belonged; a lead or item that may be used by supporters of the former governor to frustrate the baby politician’s election victory as revenge or reward for sabotage or error committed against the party of which he is still a supporting member of the map in 2019, attributing to it the expected success of a civilian general able to resist both internal and external forces just as it implies the literal meaning of his traditional title of KAURAN BAUCHI which implies that the RESISTANT becomes victorious March 11, 2023 of the thurg war as planned by the electoral empire country.

In plain language, Osun’s recently concluded gubernatorial election which favored PDP candidate Mr Adeleke to bounce off his main challenger and incumbent governor of the state under the ruling political party of the country, undoubtedly served as a spine-shaking device for the members. of the congress of all progressives with a slogan CHANGE which, if not well sealed, the parameters can eventually influence their owners, i.e. the masses, by forcing them to OYA OYA pack their loads of the eight-year loaned property of ASO ROCK VILLA as a termination period for the TENANT before the expiry of the term of the contractual agreement signed, sealed and delivered by both parties after the next general election. Thus changing the political equation of the country at the same time.

Your Excellency Sir, as your belt must remain fastened to fully prepare you for the next round of struggle to come in order to retain your mighty seat, I am optimistic that you will be at the forefront with the workforce projected, voters to celebrate another victory without any class to dress in military gear or hold any sophisticated weapons at your disposal as a threat to change negative narratives and the opposition’s miscalculated attempt to use a red pen to register your name as incumbent governor number two for losing the second term bid; from where I will automatically migrate to a political analyst when you are declared the winner, in 2023.

Gabi, a journalist wrote from Bauchi and can be reached on: 08033990884

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