CoRise launches Out of Stealth to help bridge the data and technical skills gap


Initial investment of $8.5 million from Greylock Partners, GSV Ventures and Cowboy Ventures highlights urgent need to hone technical workforce

SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CoRise today officially launched its live online upskilling platform to help businesses and individuals learn the advanced technical skills needed to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. The CoRise platform features live online courses taught by top industry experts, a rich community of peers, and leverages technology to deliver high-quality education with real career results at scale.

“The World Economic Forum believes that more than a billion jobs will be transformed by technology, with machine learning and data science among the leading areas. But the demand for top talent in these technical areas exceeds the supply. ” said Julia Stiglitz, CEO and Co-Founder, CoRise. “This growing skills gap has forced organizations and individuals to choose between expensive live training for the few, or scalable, self-paced platforms that struggle to engage. CoRise is on a mission to breaking this trade-off, creating scalable platforms but impactful training that equips professionals with the skills most in demand.”

CoRise was founded by Julia Stiglitz, Surabh Bajajand Jacob Samuelson. Together, the founding team has deep experience in education and machine learning at companies including Coursera, Google Brain, Teach For America, GSV Ventures, and Neeva.

CoRise combines world-class instructors with the power of a student community and technology to drive learner career outcomes at scale. Platform benefits and features include:

  • Course. Live, cohort and project-based classes delivered by industry experts from leading technology companies.
  • Community of Practice for peer learning and support.
  • Personalization. CoRise will leverage technology and advancements in AI to ensure student success, identifying who needs help, when they need it, and in what form.

Already students from more than 500 companies like Spotify, Lyft, Electronic Arts and Walmart have taken courses and learned the skills they need to accelerate their careers. Course completion rates on CoRise are 78%, compared to the average asynchronous course completion of 3-6%. 94% of learners say the skills they learned from their CoRise courses will help them succeed in their jobs. Additionally, forward-looking organizations are using the platform to upskill their workforces.

“CoRise has had the best results with our employees of any learning platform I’ve ever used,” said Rebecca’s Scales, head of technical learning and development, Noom, and former head of technical training and development at Expedia. “Technical training has become a business imperative and I need solutions that drive real results. CoRise is on the cutting edge of learning and I’m thrilled to partner with them.”

“The only way to deliver relevant, meaningful and up-to-date learning for rapidly changing skills is through the use of dynamic learning systems that combine world-class live experts, communities of practice, reinforcement technologies and a real-world custom application,” said Karie Willyardformer CLO of Visa and advisor to CoRise. “CoRise has engineered a magic combination to enable companies to develop their own technical talent with measurable results in completion and capability.”

Fueling CoRise’s progress and success to date is $8.5 in seed funding round led by Greylock Partners and GSV Ventures, with participation from Cowboy Ventures as well as Mustafa Suleimanco-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI, and Greg BrockmanCo-founder of Open AI.

“CoRise is at the forefront of a key evolution in digital workforce learning as it transitions to a ‘must have’ delivery. Companies are desperate to fill highly skilled technical positions and employees are demanding pathways to career mobility and job satisfaction,” said Deborah Quazzo, co-founder and managing partner of GSV Ventures. “CoRise brilliantly addresses each side of this equation by providing a social learning experience for the acquisition of cutting-edge technology skills. In doing so, they achieve cutting-edge outcomes for both employer and employee in a model that will achieve ultimately millions of learners. At GSV, we believe that workforce-wide learning with purpose is the future.”

“Effective upskilling is a massive need for businesses and a huge opportunity for the global workforce,” said Sarah Guo, partner on the board of directors of Greylock. “CoRise’s unique platform leverages social media and empowers instructors with technology and AI. This allows them to achieve results at scale. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with them to create greater economic opportunity.

“Corporate learning goes far beyond ‘course libraries’ to focus on technical and business capabilities for the future,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst. “CoRise’s unique combination of experts, communities of practice and personalization is precisely what enterprises want, focusing on what we call the Capability Academy model of enterprise training.”

About CoRise
CoRise is a live technical development platform designed to equip businesses and individuals with the latest cutting-edge technical knowledge and best practices. For more information, please visit



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