Councilor and MP try to break Silver End planning deadlock


A councilor has teamed up with the MP for Witham in a bid to break a planning deadlock over a Silver End brownfield.

Essex County Councilor Ross Playle said he was working with MP Priti Patel to break the impasse surrounding the redevelopment of the former Critall factory site in the center of Silver End.

The site, which has been vacant since 2007, has been identified for regeneration with mixed-use development, including housing in the recently adopted local plan.

Mr Playle says he has tracked down the landowner of the site, which has helped to understand what has led to the current standoff between the parties involved.

The councilor says the problem is not contamination, as is sometimes suggested locally, but the condition of the remaining structures.

Mr Playle says any plan should protect heritage as much as possible and the site should be mixed-use, with additional public facilities for the whole community.

He said future development proposals must also be fully consulted with local residents and provide new infrastructure and services.

Ms Patel said: ‘Now that the local plan has been adopted, it is essential that Braintree District focus their attention on the sites identified in the development plan and this should be a brownfield-focused approach .

“Together, we now urge all parties concerned to come back to the table to break the current impasse.

“The site has been vacant and derelict for too long and it is possible to come up with redevelopment plans that engage the local community and hopefully bring this site back into use for the benefit of Silver End.”

Mr Playle added: “I am delighted that Priti and I have established a dialogue between us, the landowner and the local authorities.

“I am happy to state publicly that it was incredibly refreshing to hear their ideas and their genuine enthusiasm for redeveloping this site.

“I am committed to seeing this site redeveloped for the benefit of residents and for this area to once again become the center of village life, just as it was when my grandfather worked for Critall’s all those years ago. ”


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