Delaware RealLIST 2022 Startups: Where Are They Now?


What has 2022 brought to growing Delaware tech companies?

It’s been about eight months since Technically named Delaware RealLIST Startups 2022, these 20 young local companies that we have deemed “the most promising” (by us) for their strong potential to go far. Ten startups made the official list, and we also named 10 finalists.

We reached out to the winners and asked for a brief update on how their year has gone. Here’s how the founder said they were doing in the second half of 2022.

The top of the RealLIST Startups 2022 list, Desikant, was founded by former Du Pont engineer and under protection chief innovation officer Kwaku Temeng in 2020. Smartwear technology, designed for people doing high-intensity work, regulates body temperature by giving the body’s natural cooling system a high-tech boost.

“We are gaining traction in providing breakthrough solutions for surgical staff to manage heat stress, with operating room trials just beginning for orthopedic surgeons,” Temeng told us recently. “We continue to develop our patent portfolio, key to our strategy – our first patent has just been granted, with another pending. We are in very advanced stages of establishing a strategic partnership to receive investment to co-develop new models of body armor for military and law enforcement aimed at reducing heat stress .

Founded by a married couple By and Nicole HomerHX Innovations is the Middletown-based neuroergonomics footwear company that has a sports medicine space at Field Chase.

Over the past few months, the team has hired an engineer, in partnership with AI Whoo (more on this startup below) and raised 20% of their pre-seed round.

“We are doing very well and hope to continue to develop our products, hire a project administrator and another engineer,” said the co-founder, “and launch our WeFunder campaign to the community by the end of the year.

Ancient carvertize employees David Breyla and Noah Luxin the same way Horn Entrepreneurship graduate John Mouserfounded Spray Less, a non-advertising vehicle wrapping company in Newark with a client list that includes Amazon.

“Since the last time we spoke, we have hired two employees and plan to hire a third in the coming months,” Mouser said. “We’ve also doubled our warehouse space to 3,600 square feet and are already jam-packed once again.”

Founded by Dr Jalaal Hayes in 2020, Elyte Energy is one of the fastest growing green technology companies in Delaware, which was once part of the Delaware Innovation Space’s Science, Inc. accelerator. Hayes developed the hydrogen storage technology, which became the basis for Elyte Energy’s hydrogen power banks for recreational vehicles, in 2017.

“Elyte Energy recently acquired lab space in downtown Dover for the prototyping and scale-up of its hydrogen storage technology,” Hayes told us. “Additionally, we are ready to raise up to $2 million for the expansion of our team. We have currently raised up to $130,000 since its founding in November 2020. We were also invited to the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance Annual Investor Forum held in October.

In June, CM Materials’ CleanMag technology won the Innovation Award at the TechConnect 2022 at DC.

“We are pushing the boundaries of electromagnetism as a whole”, founder and CEO of CM Materials Dr Aminul Mehedi said in a statement. “We are just beginning to get started with a superior inductor material that can improve the user experience for electric vehicle consumers through greater range, miniaturization of power electronics, and other attributes at the power level. system.”

Founded by Jo Norris and Nick Martingreen tech start-up Carbon Reform is getting closer to installing large-scale carbon removal units in buildings.

“We have lab-scale validation of the technology, and full-scale units will be installed in buildings,” Norris said. “We are developing these now and they will capture CO2, permanently sequester it and also filter other indoor air contaminants so that we can improve the indoor air quality in these buildings enough to be able to reduce the amount of pollution. intake air from outside and save energy for our customers.

Since participating in a Science Inc. cohort at the Delaware Innovation Space, Carbon Reform has made the Boot 302 funding competition, Plug and Play Smart Cities Japan Accelerator and StartOut Growth Lab Accelerator.

Founded by Roger Clappe in 2021 and incubated at Emerging Enterprise CenterWhipFlip is an AI-powered platform that allows users to quickly appraise and sell their car online.

The team sent this update:

  • “We have a new HQ in downtown Wilmington and are a fixture inside the Mill space as we have grown the current team 10x
  • Currently expanding to multiple new states/markets every 60 days
  • Partnerships flourish with big names like JD Power, RODO, etc.
  • Sitting on a $100 million valuation”

Aqua Science, the Newark-based water quality testing startup, will introduce its new BioLight Toxy luminator at WEFTECthe water quality event in New Orleans in October.

Founded by Dr Matthew Saponaro in 2019, AI Whooo’s technology ethically captures data and extracts insights to improve behaviors in the great outdoors. This includes his GOVisionwhich measures engagement in aquariums, and PARKVisionwhich evaluates the use of the park.

“We just completed our summer internship program where we had nine interns across DTCC, UD, WilmU and Delaware Futures working on a variety of AI-powered technologies. They flew successfully and proved their worth to the DTCC volleyball team,” said Saponaro.

In August, 3&D sports performance and AI Whoo, in collaboration with Reach Riversidehad a basketball combine at the Grail Sports Complex for high school and college athletes in the tri-state area.

“Other than that,” the founder said, “we’ve had great success with our partnership with Hx Innovations doing the Chase Fieldhouse (sports delaware) football trials where we have done more than 600 football athletes.

AI Whoo, in partnership with BMWwas also present at a PGA Tour event in Wilmington.

In its latest March press release, aquaculture startup Gaskiya Diagnostics announced that Early charmwhich has Gaskiya as one of its holding companies, launched the Technology on deck Blog.


And some updates on 2022 honorable mentions:

The community app that matches students with gigs like tutoring, yard work and moving services was founded by a University of Delaware student Shaun Gupta in 2020.

The past few months have been hectic, Gupta said:

“To date, Backyard Gig has completed over $22,000 in transactions, with over 140 jobs posted and 600 registered users on the platform. Additionally, Backyard Gig has been selected to be part of the eMerge Americas Top 100 national startup showcase in Miami Beach, Florida last April, recently received a grant from Alumni Ventures Venture Capital Fund to continue building Backyard Gig, and I was named 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year from the National Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

“We are still working to expand into the Greater Philadelphia area and are currently conducting customer research to see what the domestic gig market looks like in that area. We would like to connect with people who have experience in the gig economy market so that we can learn from their experiences how best to scale Backyard Gig to bring value to the community.

This 2021 Swim with sharks winner, founded by Jayvon Fairman Davisuses chess as a mentorship and leadership development tool for underrepresented youth.

“Since then, we’ve worked in a few more schools and are expanding our website to include more useful information for parents and schools who want to get involved in chess,” Fairman-Davis told us.

This online music coaching platform from the Emerging Enterprise Center incubator is booming, CEO Dan Spencer reports:

“We helped bring the joy of music to 68,000 Youtube subscribers and over 1,000 people who have purchased our music theory book. We’re having fun giving everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of making music by scaling our music books, lessons, and live lessons! »

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