DNV and Pipeline Infrastructure Limited to Integrate Blended Hydrogen into India’s Gas Network | New


The independent energy expert and insurance provider provides technical advice and support to PIL on the integration of hydrogen into its mainline assets, including transmission pipelines, interconnectors and branch lines, compressors, valves and metering stations and equipment.

DNV will also help assess the suitability of the existing network and related assets to incorporate hydrogen at a range of blending levels.

Varadaraj Salian, Market Area Manager – India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for Energy Systems, DNV said, “This pioneering project will enable PIL to engage its stakeholders in developing and accelerating realistic decarbonization targets for which DNV provides the right technical knowledge, global expertise and best practices to operate them safely and sustainably.

The initiative comes after India launched its National Hydrogen Mission in August 2021, with a target of 5 million tonnes of hydrogen production per year by 2030.

The objective of the mission is to transform India into a green hydrogen hub by harnessing the country’s significant renewable energy potential with the aim of meeting the country’s national climate targets and enabling the India to become a major producer and exporter of hydrogen to Japan, South Korea and Europe. .

Brice Le Gallo, Vice President and Regional Manager APAC, Energy Systems at DNV, said, “Repurposing gas pipelines for hydrogen accounts for 10-30% of the cost of building new pure hydrogen networks.”

“DNV is pleased to play a part in this by helping PIL transition its gas network to incorporate blended hydrogen to support local industries.”

“In doing so, DNV will leverage its technical expertise and methodology to help our customers meet their emissions reduction targets while retaining the use of their existing infrastructure,”

Integrating blended hydrogen into existing gas pipeline infrastructure will help India smoothly transition to a cleaner, decarbonized future, while opening up new business opportunities in the transport, energy and fuel sectors. industry.

Akhil Mehrotra – MD&CEO – PIL said, “The hydrogen industry in India is still in its infancy and has huge scope to meet growing energy needs while supporting the shift to a cleaner environment. Backed by strong government support for clean energy and significant renewable energy potential, India has a unique opportunity to become a major producer and exporter of hydrogen.”

On gaseous worlds Hydrogen: markets reinvented webinar, in May 2022, Stephen B. Harrison, Managing Director, at Sbh4 Consulting, discussed hydrogen blending and the safety of doing so.


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