Dr. Muneer’s brainchild ‘Unnathi’ highlights the importance of ‘human infrastructure in nation building’


08 Jul 2022 10:33 STI

New Delhi [India], July 8 (ANI/GPRC): Infrastructure and Development are words often thrown around by politicians. The development of human infrastructure is equally or perhaps more important in the current global scenario. To the south, the MP from Kerala is considering the “Unnathi” project which can be a game changer in the development paradigm that the nation is pursuing.
An innovative initiative that aims to meet the constantly changing needs in the field of education and employment. Now the project which is being implemented in his constituency of Koduvally is receiving many enthusiastic responses from across the country.
Dr. MK Muneer’s vision for human infrastructure development is to help every student identify their skills and uniqueness, frame their abilities and guide them towards a career that suits them. This initiative, one of the pioneers of its kind, allows students to reach great heights through continuous intervention programs such as entrance coaching to access the main centers of higher education in the country. Through proper and professional career guidance, aptitude assessment, entrance test training and high-level internships, young minds in Koduvally constituency will pursue their dreams of gaining well-paying jobs in worldwide. Ensuring public participation and professional advice in choosing the best for tomorrow’s leaders, human resources are used to their full potential to develop Koduvally into a constituency of excellence.
A world-class technology platform with seven modules will assess the aptitude and personality of Class VIII students and their talent and skills will be honed and nurtured with the help of professional career coaches to find out what the future holds. . The name ‘Unnathi’ signifies the rise and progress of the native language of Malayalam and the idea behind the program is to identify the character and aptitude of children at the right time and guide them in the right way. Unnathi has many dimensions.
The Unnathi program for senior secondary students focuses on mentoring, guidance and mock testing to prepare for entrance exams to various universities and centers of excellence across the country. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) coaching trains students who have passed Class XII to enter the country’s 45 central universities including Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Milia, Hyderabad, Pondicherry and Benares.
For young job seekers, Unnathi offers a skills assessment program. The best career options of the time and future opportunities are presented and career guidance and training is provided to young people. After that, with the help of government and private organizations, facilities are offered to them to enroll in the program and land their dream job.

In addition to training students and job seekers, Unnathi’s other programs include higher education research, vocational training courses, career guidance and counselling, entry coaching, counseling in education abroad, leadership and skills training, empowerment programs for physical education teachers and awareness raising for parents.
Agriculture being the main livelihood of the country, Unnathi has a program to empower farmers – The Abhivridhi. The Sukritham program conceptualized under Unnathi brings together health workers and hospitals from across the constituency. The goal of the program is to promote a healthy lifestyle by addressing all the health needs and concerns of the public in this era of epidemics, health complexities and lifestyle diseases.
Unnathi’s Sreshta program aims to provide admission of Scheduled Caste students to state-of-the-art boarding schools run by the central government. The Karuthu program focuses on physical well-being by promoting sports and physical activities with the intention of earning a place for Koduvally on the country’s sports map.
Unnathi is empowered by people who will work as volunteers for the programs. One volunteer will be in charge of 50 households, and together they will partner with panchayats and municipalities that will run knowledge centers. The knowledge centers will be guided by passionate professionals such as social worker psychologists, career coaches, personality development trainers, knowledge brigades, knowledge warriors, academics, subject matter experts, etc. . An action committee will provide suggestions and facilities to knowledge centers in the constituency. .
Unnathi uses both human and government resources for program delivery. Teachers and academicians will join hands for projects. An in-depth socio-educational survey will be initiated to cover all households in the district; on this basis, Unnathi will be executed and strengthened. A technology platform in this regard is underway. Aptitude tests will be organized in schools for this purpose.
Education experts across the country are exploring and learning from the model that offers a holistic human infrastructure development paradigm.
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