Emergency at Manchester Airport as firefighters rush to ‘technical failure’ on board plane | United Kingdom | New


Emergency services rushed to the plane, which landed on the runway next to Terminal 2. Passengers at Manchester Airport are reporting flights were grounded at the huge airport as the emergency unfolds. Firefighters saw fire extinguishers on an engine on the right side of the plane.

Twitter user ‘David Fraser’ (@David__Fraser) wrote: “Wonder what’s going on at Manchester Airport?

“I’ve been around and now nothing takes off or lands and is in a holding position.”

“Hannah Evenden” (@hammerhan28) replied, “I sat on the floor waiting to be picked up and saw a few fire engines and other emergency vehicles go by.

“They said on our flight there was an incident with an arriving flight.”

Another Twitter user also wrote: “Engine fire on stand.

“It’s over but I imagine there’s no runway coverage from the fire department as they’re all at the plane.”

A Tui spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “We can confirm that flight TOM2609 from Mahon to Manchester, which was operated by a partner airline, experienced a technical failure on arrival at the stand and was taken care of by firefighters.

“We are in contact with the airline to obtain information on the incident and to confirm when the aircraft can be returned to service.

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“The safety of our passengers and crew on partner airlines always remains our top priority.

“The plane was able to land safely and all passengers were disembarked.

“We understand how disturbing it can be when an aircraft is encountered by emergency services, so we will continue to offer our full support.

“We would like to apologize to all customers for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience and understanding at this time.”


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