Explosion in a building in Montevideo: eight injured


according to a statement from Ministry of Interior and National Fire Department of Uruguay, Eight people were injured, three of whom were referred to different treatment centres.

“An elderly couple who lived on the third floor, where the explosion occurred, are hospitalized in critical condition with burns between 40% and 80% of their bodies”they will be needed.

Meanwhile, “a third person has been transferred to emergency services due to carbon monoxide poisoning,” he said.

National Fire Director, Ricardo Rianoexplained that the explosion on the third floor caused a “very large shock wave” which “hit four or five buildings with shards of glass”.

Likewise, he assured that the exact cause of the incident will be investigated once the necessary debris has been removed and the security of the premises is guaranteed.

The official warned that the damaged building had “structural collapse of part of the balcony and detachment of various materials” and noted that since there is a risk of collapse of the “second and third floors “, the work must be carried out with great care and wait . For an investigation that can provide data to determine the origin.

“We have had no previous complaints about the smell of gas,” Riano told local media of statements that authorities had been notified before the explosion.

Regarding the cause of the explosion, the official conceded that “it is more typical of an explosion in the atmosphere resulting from a gas leak, but we will investigate later, first we must secure the area and obtain a thorough investigation”. Debris must be removed.

For its part, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, The director of the SAME (Emergency Medical Care System) of Montevideo confirmed that the two serious victims are elderly people and that they were transferred to the hospital for burns, given the depth of the wounds.

In addition, he specified that a medical guard would be placed at the scene of the accident, to assist the workers, if necessary, in tasks which would continue for at least several hours.

“A team of firefighters from the Centenario and Carrasco barracks, police officers from the tenth division, medical teams and administrative personnel are working on the site,” the Uruguayan interior ministry said in a statement.


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