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Matt Born is the Managing Director of Denton for 84 Lumber, the leading private supplier of construction materials, manufactured components and advanced services for single and multi-family residences and commercial buildings. Born’s professional experience spans over two decades, making him one of the best in the industry and one of 84 Lumber’s top managers.

Born started with 84 Lumber in 2001 at the Clarksville, Arkansas store. He was soon promoted to the position of sales representative of the entrepreneur, and in 2004 he became the manager of this store. Since then, Born has operated three additional stores – Bethel Heights, Arkansas; South of Houston; and now Denton, where he has served as director since 2019 and continues his exceptional management and proven track record of success.

With several delivery trucks operating daily, it is crucial that the store is extremely organized and focused, always keeping logistics at the forefront of every project. “By far, our unparalleled customer service sets us apart from our competitors,” says Born. “We are attentive to the challenges of our clients; we serve them with honesty, empathy and adaptability.

Although Born has excellent management skills, he attributes the achievements of the Denton store to his team of highly skilled associates. “I have very high expectations for my team, which translates into success in our store, as well as their long-term individual success with our business,” he says.

With another banner year expected in 2022, 84 Lumber Denton is already planning several expansion projects to improve efficiency and production to meet and exceed expectations.

84 Wood
3147 Jim Christal Road
Denton, Texas 76207
Instagram: @84lumber


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