First business cases written as part of Hartlepool’s ‘game changer’ bid for £25m funding package


Projects earmarked for funding include a new health and care academy, which is set to benefit from £1.25m, while £2.25m is set to go towards a new civil engineering institute in the city .

Business cases have now been drafted, further outlining the proposed projects, which are to be submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council’s Finance and Policy Committee.

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Victoria Road, Hartlepool.

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A report from the panel, which is due to meet on Monday April 25, says that, subject to approval, the business cases will then be submitted to the relevant government department in early June.

He adds, “This final step in the development of the business case marks an important step in the realization of two of the five projects in the program.

“[This] will bring two new state-of-the-art facilities to the city, provide significant employment and training opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

The “state-of-the-art” Health and Care Academy is believed to be located in Ward 10 of the Hartlepool University Hospital site, according to the report, which notes that there are “thousands of vacancies for jobs in the sector in Hartlepool and across the Tees Valley”.

It adds that the business case shows it will include “£8m of salary premium impacts for learners taking courses at the proposed academy”.

Around 3,388 would go through the academy on a yearly basis, with degrees ranging from Level 2 to Level 5, while seven full-time equivalent jobs would be created upon completion, along with construction roles.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Civil Engineering project is a strategic partnership between Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors and Hartlepool College of Further Education.

It will aim to “support the consolidation and growth of teaching and training capacities at the two existing sites, to improve and sustain the facilities”.

Hartlepool Borough Council will act as the lead agency for the project, which will seek to increase student enrollment in courses offering construction and civil engineering skills.

The business case notes that, in addition to job creation during the construction phase, the development is expected to deliver a “net wage premium increase of £24m”.

It adds that 1,081 students are expected to pass through Seymour Academy in Brenda Road each year to gain construction qualifications, with another 400 taking courses in welding and engineering at the Exeter Street annex.

Both programs are considered affordable throughout their investment and operating phase and ensure “the continued viability of the project and the long-term sustainability of the facilities,” according to the reports.

Other proposals intended to benefit from the Towns Deal include the reinvention of the Middleton Grange shopping centre, the transformation of Wesley Chapel and improved links between the marina, railway station and town centre.

Business cases for these programs are expected to be presented prior to the next Board Finance and Policy Committee meeting in June.


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