Floyd County Received $2.6 Million for Water Infrastructure, Waterline Replacement Begins


PRESTONBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – Governor Andy Beshear announced on Tuesday the start of a project to replace nearly 20,000 feet of water pipes and $2.6 million in funding to improve water infrastructure in Floyd County.

Projects include Wayland to Lackey waterline replacement, KY-680 Minnie to KY-80 waterline extension/connector and Wheelwright water treatment.

Wayland Watermain Replacement Project in Lackey
The Southern Floyd County Water and Sewer District received a $1.5 million grant in fiscal year 2019 through the Abandoned Mining Lands Economic Revitalization Program. The project will replace nearly 20,000 feet of existing water pipes with new PVC and iron pipes from Lackey, along Highway 7, to the town of Wayland. Service lines and meters will also be replaced for approximately 100 customers.

This will provide a sustainable and reliable water source that encourages business retention, as well as the establishment of new businesses in the area. It will also allow the district to keep rates as low as possible due to solving its water loss problem, according to Beshear. With the completion of this project, SWSD will also be able to interconnect with the Knott County Water and Sewer District to provide an alternate source of water in the event of an emergency.

The project received permission to continue last week.

KY-680 Minnie to KY-80 Water Pipe Extension/Connector Project
As part of Governor Beshear’s Better Kentucky Plan Cleaner Water program, Beshear presented a check for $1,909,717 to the SWSD, representing his approval for funding. This money will fund a project to build 19,000 feet of water pipe to unserved areas, a new 200,000 gallon water storage tank and a booster pump station. The project is expected to serve 10 unserved households.

Wheelwright Water Treatment Plan
The Appalachian Regional Commission has approved funding of $770,669 for the City of Wheelwright to build a 432,000 gallon per day water treatment plant. This project will replace the existing water treatment plant with a new, larger capacity plant. This will ensure reliable water service for 356 households and 15 businesses in Wheelwright, according to Beshear.

The project will also support the Southeastern Kentucky Correctional Facility, providing the facility with clean, reliable water. The correctional facility offers educational programs and opportunities for inmates, a substance abuse program, and vocational training programs.


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