Formula 1 | Wolff: No “miracle solution” with the Spa technical directive


When it returns after the summer break, the FIA ​​will apply a new technical directive regarding porpoising. This will limit the oscillation of the single-seaters, but also the flexibility of the central board under the single-seater.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff doesn’t think this will solve all of his team’s problems, and he doesn’t believe in a radical change in the hierarchy.

“It will be very interesting to see what we see at Spa” Wolff said. “We will see if the difference in ride height makes a difference for teams that drive very low. But I no longer believe in the miracle solution that would allow us to suddenly be three tenths faster than everyone else, but it will be interesting. »

In any case, the Austrian salutes the audacity of his teams, who are trying by all means to return to the top: “This season we have done some unconventional things. I remember a conversation with a very smart lady from the aero team.

“She said to me ‘if you had told me last year that we would put a floor on the car that we would not have tested in the wind tunnel, I would have said that we would never do that’. But we did. we did, and everyone was proud of the results. And that’s how every weekend we try new things. »


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