Gati Shakti will provide new direction for infrastructure development, implementation and oversight: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that Prime Minister Ghati Shakti’s plan will set a new direction for modern infrastructure development through planning, implementation and monitoring to reduce project overruns and cost overruns, as well as new directions supposed to provide. He also urged companies to work with the government to increase investment and contribute to the country’s development. PM Gati Shakti – The National Master Plan was announced last year. It aims to break down silos between departments and introduce more holistic and integrated project planning and execution to address multimodal and last mile connectivity issues.

This year’s budget has set the tone for India’s development in the 21st century and this infrastructure-based development direction will lead to a tremendous increase in the strength of the Indian economy and many new employment opportunities, did he declare. He highlighted the lack of coordination among stakeholders in traditional methods of project delivery. “This was due to the lack of clear information between the various departments involved.

“Infrastructure planning, implementation and monitoring is taking a new direction from Prime Minister Gati Shakti, which will also reduce project time and cost overruns,” Gati Shakti’s vision said in a webinar post budget. While talking about the Prime Minister, Ghati Shakti also said that he will ensure real public-private partnerships in infrastructure development, from infrastructure planning to development and development stages.

Thanks to Prime Minister Ghati Shakti, everyone is now able to plan based on complete information. It also leads to optimal use of the country’s resources,” he added. Gati underscored the importance of Prime Minister Shakti’s initiative, from 2013 to 2014 he said Indian government direct investment expenditure was around Rs 250 crore, which he increased to Rs 250 crore . “In order to reinforce the principles of cooperative federalism, our government has allocated Rs. 100 crores in this year’s budget for state support.

“This allows for project integrity and different types of approvals during the DPR (Detailed Project Report) phase itself. This will help,” he said, proposing that the state create a national master plan basis for projects and economic zones, Prime Minister Ghatishakti.

It can be used for assets,” said Modi, adding that the national cable car development program will help improve connectivity in inaccessible hilly areas. “More than 400 layers of data are now available, including information on forest areas and industrial areas available, as well as existing and planned infrastructure,” he said in Prime Minister Gati Shakti – Master Plan shared national. He said that all important information on national master plans is now available on a unified platform and suggested that the private sector should increasingly use it for planning.

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  • Gati Shakti will provide new direction for infrastructure development, implementation and oversight: PM
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