Head of GenH2 Hydrogen Infrastructure Congratulates Senior Technical Advisor Martha K. Williams on Induction into NASA Inventors Hall of Fame


Head of GenH2 Hydrogen Infrastructure Congratulates Senior Technical Advisor Martha K. Williams on Induction into NASA Inventors Hall of Fame

Press release From: GenH2
Posted: Monday May 9th 2022

GenH2, a leader in hydrogen infrastructure, congratulates the company’s Senior Technical Advisor, Martha K. Williams, Ph.D. on her recent induction into NASA’s National Inventors Hall of Fame. Williams, who retired from NASA in 2018 and joined GenH2’s leadership team when the company was founded in 2020, was recognized for her 29-year career at NASA where she served as a senior scientist. /Senior Polymer Researcher and Inventor at NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Williams joins a select group of 40 inventors and legends across NASA’s decades and centers.

The NASA Inventors Hall of Fame is where NASA recognizes public service innovators who have made or are making significant contributions to our nation by inventing new technologies. Developed during NASA missions, many of these technologies also benefit us here on Earth in the form of advanced products and services through technology transfer. These technologies drive economic growth, protect the planet and could even save lives.

“We are thrilled that Martha’s name has been added to this prestigious and historic list of great American scientists,” said Cody Bateman, Founder and CEO of GenH2. “She makes a huge contribution to our work on developing a broad range of technologies to deliver liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions for the market that encompass multiple scales and capabilities.”

During his induction into the Inventors Hall of Fame, NASA’s Technology Transfer Program commended the multiple interdisciplinary research activities of Williams, who currently has seven active licenses for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Technology Office. Williams’ twenty published patents include technologies focused on thermal insulation and management materials/systems, damage detection and repair technologies, self-healing systems, several smart wiring technologies, and fire and polymers.

While at NASA, Williams received numerous awards, including the NASA Silver Snoopy Award, R&D100 Top Technology Award, NASA Business Invention of the Year Award, Excellence in Technology Transfer Award, NASA Turning Goals into Reality Award, NASA Silver Achievement Medal Award, and an Environmental and Energy Program Award.

“I am grateful to have been inducted into this select group of inventors and to be recognized for my research efforts in low temperature airgel composites and switchable and adaptive thermal materials for structures and storage and cryogenic transfer,” Williams said. “I look forward to continuing to support the GenH2 CTO and Cryogenics team by delivering breakthrough liquid hydrogen and liquefaction technologies and systems.”

About Martha K. Williams

Dr. Martha K. Williams was a scientist at NASA for more than 29 years and retired in early 2018. Her research focused on the development and evaluation of advanced polymer and composite materials and systems to meet the needs NASA spaceports and exploration technologies. She served as a Senior Polymer Scientist/Inventor at NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Florida until January 2018. Her multiple interdisciplinary research activities included hydrogen sensing technologies, receiving an R&D Top 100 award Technology 2014, a NASA Commercial Invention of the Year Award in 2016 and the Excellence in Technology Transfer Award in 2017. Williams has also led research efforts on low temperature airgel composites and switchable and adaptive thermal materials for structures and cryogenic storage and transfer. His twenty published patents also include technologies focused on damage detection and repair technologies, self-healing systems, multiple smart wiring technologies, fire and polymers.

A well-published author, Williams is an inventor of multiple and widely diverse patents/patent applications in hydrogen sensing materials, airgel composites, thermal insulation materials and thermal management systems, flame retardant additives, wiring detection and repair systems, damage detection systems, microencapsulation and self-healing systems, and conductive materials/systems. From the multiple inventions, his work has resulted in seven active licenses for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Technology Office, supporting NASA’s important technology transfer mission. His visionary thinking and creative technical expertise continues as a founding team member of a start-up GenH2, a liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions company. Williams has a doctorate. in Polymer Chemistry from the Florida Institute of Technology, an MS in Chemistry from Northwestern State University, and a BS in Chemistry and Biology from William Carey College.

About GenH2

GenH2 is an industry leader in hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The Titusville, Florida-based technology company was founded by Cody Bateman, who is widely recognized as a visionary and industry expert. The GenH2 team includes former NASA researchers and developers who have decades of experience researching, engineering and producing hydrogen solutions. GenH2 focuses on the mass production of infrastructure solutions necessary for the transition to a clean energy economy. GenH2 technology will enable safe on-site production and storage of pure liquid hydrogen, making the product accessible for everyday use. GenH2 plans to ship its product to hundreds of locations across the country in the coming years. Learn more about GenH2 at http://www.DiscoverHydrogen.com.

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