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The industry has been waiting for changes for a long time

HORSESHOE BAY, TX, October 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “A better life begins with healthy building” has been Jen and Rusty’s philosophy since founding JS2 Partners Healthy Home Builders in 2018. What began as a mysterious health crisis for Jen as she was attending university Southern Methodist Universityturned into an unexpected opportunity to create a revolutionary building model, ready to impact humanity on a global scale.

“I never expected that the terrible black mold problem hidden behind the walls of my apartment would lead to an opportunity,” Jen said.

This team of husband and wife builders puts the health and well-being of occupants at the forefront of every construction project. Some people call them green builders, but their healthier homes encompass so much more than conserving energy or reducing their environmental footprint. The duo developed innovative construction methods that use strictly low or zero VOC materials and hypoallergenic finishes. And their model has captured national attention.

“The design and manufacture of a healthy living space requires the builder to focus on the well-being and quality of life of its owners. The amount of off-gassing chemicals and formaldehyde in modern building materials is breathtaking, so we set out to build homes and design living spaces differently,” explained Jen.

In their new book, Healthier homesJen recounts how her own home made her sick years ago when she was dating EMS MBA program. “I became so sensitive and allergic to everything around me. My clothes, my makeup, my cleaning products, my food. A terrible black mold infestation was finally discovered in my apartment that derailed my immune system. To be okay, I needed to find a place to live without the normal outgassing of building chemicals, formaldehyde, or mold.The problem was, that didn’t exist.

The stars have aligned over Jen’s long decade of building healthy homes. Rusty and Jen worked together at the Hill Country Builders Association in Central Texas. As a 20-year-old veteran builder, Rusty taught Jen how to build and she taught her how to build healthy. The couple eventually founded JS2 Partners with a mission to create a better life through healthy construction.

“Homeowners across the United States have reached out to us,” Rusty said. “When our publisher asked us to write a book, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with the world.” From materials, paints and fabrics to waterproofing, finishes and furniture, the book provides information to help readers make informed decisions about how to create healthy living spaces.

Recognizing how difficult it was to source safe and non-toxic paints, furniture and decor, the Stouts decided to launch, HealthierHomes.coman online resource for non-toxic furnishings, decor, fresh content, as well as their own line of healthy home paint.

Healthier Homes: A Blueprint for Creating a Toxin-Free Living Environment published by Victory Belt Publishing and is available on line and in major bookstores around the world.

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About JS2 Partners

The mission of JS2 Partners Healthy Home Builders is to create better lives through healthy building. The Texas The design/build company uses only low VOC materials and innovative construction methods that prioritize quality of life.

About Healthier Homes

Healthier Homes’ goal is to create a better life through a healthier home, as an online source for non-toxic furniture, decor, home paint and informative content suitable for integrated wellness living .

About Victory Belt Publishing

Victory Belt Publishing was founded in 2006 by New York Times bestselling author Erich Krauss. Through innovation and teamwork, Krauss has accomplished its mission to produce some of the highest quality and most sought after health books on the market.

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