Highways Magazine – Sheffield to bid for traffic control powers


Sheffield Council is to ask the government for new traffic enforcement powers to stop drivers making illegal moves.

The council is proposing new powers related to ‘moving traffic offences’, such as crossing a ‘No Entry’ sign or entering yellow junctions when the exit is not clear.

At the moment, these rules can only be enforced by the police. The council therefore hopes that this decision will improve road safety and solve traffic congestion in the city.

It is proposed that the credentials will be used at three separate sites across the city, using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to identify drivers who break the law.

The council already has similar powers, such as enforcing bus, taxi and tram barriers.

A public consultation on the proposals will run for seven weeks until December 31, 2022.

Mark Kemp, President of ADEPT recently quoted the need for individual councils to consult on proposals to take on enforcement powers for the relocation of traffic offenses before going to government, as an example of ‘bureaucratic circles we go through to get the authorization to do things, could perhaps be relaxed”.

This article first appeared on localgov.co.uk.


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