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Simplicity is desperately needed, Jordan Kretchmer told me. Jordan is the co-founder and CEO of Rapid Robotics, a company that excels in selling its robotic solutions to non-technical customers and investors. His company launched a new service last month that highlights his approach. Called Smart Setup, this clever product offers customers ridiculous flexibility. Just throw a fast robotic operator into a new job, and the company says they can be trained to perform a new task in less than a minute. Simple.

Rapid Robotics CEO Jordan Kretchmer and Bee Partners partner Kira Noodleman are today’s guests on TechCrunch Live, and we hope you can join in the live event. Both are experts in selling technical services, and they will walk through their processes. As a partner at Bee Partners, Kira has upheld this mantra for years. When Jordan was building the first Rapid Robotics decks, he looked to Noodleman’s earlier research to develop his direct approach.

And I also have questions: How has fundraising for robotic startups changed in the past two years? How can deep tech startups best position themselves when approaching venture capitalists? What makes a good founder for Kira Noodleman and Bee Partners, and how does the company use machine-to-machine learning when investing?

Next week, TechCrunch Hardware Editor Brian Heater is hosting the TechCrunch Live event with Eurie Kim of Forerunner Ventures and Scott Gravelle of Attabotics.

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