infrastructure projects: the government unveils 27 border infrastructure projects

The possibility of any kind of conflict cannot be ruled out in today’s uncertain environment, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday as he listed border infrastructure development as part of efforts to strengthen India’s readiness to meet any security challenge. After unveiling 27 road and bridge projects being implemented by the Border Roads Organization (BRO), he said that India would not have been able to respond firmly to the adversary in the northern sector s there was no infrastructure in the region.

The 24 roads inaugurated in a virtual ceremony included one built over 19,000ft above the Umling-La pass in southern Ladakh, Singh said, adding that it has now become the motorable road. the tallest in the world.

“The situation we faced recently in the northern sector and the way we were able to react strongly to the adversary would not have been possible without the development of appropriate infrastructure,” Singh said in reference to the line. eastern Ladakh.

“In today’s uncertain environment, the possibility of any type of conflict cannot be ruled out. Such situations motivate us even more for the development of these areas. It is a pride that we have the BRO to cooperation in the development of these areas,” Singh added.

The Defense Minister also lamented that not enough attention was given to border infrastructure development after independence, but said there had been a major shift in approach in recent years. .

“After independence, our policies were such that the interior areas of the country developed, but the border areas remained relatively devoid of development. This situation lasted for a long time,” he said.

“As we moved away from Delhi, the development graph also continued to decline in the same proportion. Earlier it was said that people in border areas may be far from Delhi, but they are not far from our heart. But as the transport sector has seen a major expansion, it has become an old saying,” Singh said.

The defense minister said the roads in border areas are not only for strategic needs, but also ensure equal participation of remote areas in the development of the nation.

“In this way, these bridges, roads and tunnels play an important role in keeping us safe and empowering the entire nation,” he said.

Defense ministers have said there is a need to bolster India’s surveillance system the same way the country is bolstering its border infrastructure.

In this context, he cited issues like infiltration, skirmishes, illegal trade and smuggling in border areas.

“Considering all this, the government has sometimes re-started the CIBMS, i.e. the Integrated Border Management System,” he said.

Referring to the construction of the road in southern Ladakh, Singh said the BRO had achieved the “historic feat” despite many challenges including that of extreme altitude and sub-zero temperature.

“It’s a matter of pride not only for BRO but also for the nation,” he said.


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