Infrastructure projects to get new deadlines

Ongoing work to be completed by October 31 says BBMP, campaigners skeptical

Are you tired of the bad infrastructure in the city? Then wait for a VIP visit or a big budget event. Now Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has set new deadlines for several projects, with the city now preparing for big budget projects.

Commissioner General of the BBMP Tushar Giri Nath Friday said, “Considering upcoming festivals/programs like Deepavali and Kannada Rajyotsava and Global Investor’s Meet, we have identified major ongoing infrastructure projects that will be accelerated and a few scheduled for completion by October 31.

The new deadline for completion of the flyover of Sivananda Circle at Race Course Junction is October 23; OFFERSKempegowda Road Safe Works, Mohan Kumar RoadIntermediate Ring Road and NR Road by October 31.

Sunil Kumar, an activist, said: “Often we have to wait for the VIPs to fix the roads. Now BBMP has woken up and hopefully it will meet its self-imposed deadline, as it has repeatedly failed to meet deadlines in projects such as filling potholes.

Activists fear the quality of the work will be compromised. Narendra R, another campaigner, said: “While this is a welcome move, the BBMP should ensure that quality is not compromised. Like when Modi PM came in June, thousands of dollars were spent improving the roads, but unfortunately those roads didn’t last long. So what good is a quick fix if there is no longevity? »

Reacting to the failure to fill the potholes, Nath blamed the weather. He said: “We are facing a lot of rainfall issues as Bengaluru is experiencing heavy rains. Our predictions and our preparations go wrong. We are planning to postpone our work due to the rain forecast, but it is not raining that day as we are ready for the rain to disrupt our work. Although we do our best, we are unable to fill potholes with bitumen mix. We take suggestions from the traffic police and fill potholes as a priority.

Although this is a good decision, BBMP should ensure that quality is not compromised

– Narendra R, activist

D-Drive paused

The demolition campaign comes to a halt as BBMP stopped work after three days. Defending this, Nath said: “We need time to prepare the management of personnel and machinery. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of 550 encroachments on the Ministry of Revenue for a joint investigation. The survey will start from MahadevapuraBommanahalli, East Zone and Yelahanka.

Weekly decongestion

Meanwhile, the Bangalore Development Authority has invited consultants to prepare DPR to support the expansion of Overview of Hebbal. Bengaluru Central MP PC Mohan said, “Currently, Hebbal Junction sees 3.9 lakh PCU per day, and it could reach 6.9 lakh PCU by 2051. There is a need to integrate all transport modes in Hebbal as this junction will become an intermodal transit point for bus, metro and suburban trains.


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