Infrastructure study reveals millions of dollars available for local projects sat untapped, unspent


It’s no surprise that our infrastructure needs fixing, but as News 12 discovered, there’s a lot of money to fix these problems that’s not being spent.

The findings of a study commissioned by the Construction Industry Council and Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress were released Tuesday afternoon.

Perhaps his greatest discovery is that millions of dollars available at the federal and state level for infrastructure projects in the Hudson Valley sat untapped and unspent.

“In 2017, the Water Infrastructure Act committed $2.5 billion for water expenditures statewide, and that number has since grown to approximately $4 billion. As of March 2020, only 11% had been spent,” says Eric Pierson, Senior Research Planner. of the Hudson Valley progress model.

“The Hudson Valley Infrastructure Deficit” also found that municipal infrastructure spending is essentially flat, Pierson says. Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress indicates that the money left on the table is due to a disconnect.

“Indicates that the government’s model for getting money allocated for real work in our communities is broken and it’s something our legislators and policy makers really need to revisit,” says Adam Bosch, CEO of Hudson Valley Pattern. for progress.

A list of recommendations includes getting projects started quickly and considering outsourcing work to private contractors where safe, effective and efficient.

The New York State Department of Transportation told News 12 that it had received the study results and would review them.

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