Inside the wedding of new HGTV hosts Ben and Building Roots’ Cristi Dozier


Ben and Cristi Dozier were born and raised in Austin, Texas, but didn’t meet until they were 13. In fact, the couple might never have crossed paths if Cristi’s family hadn’t split up. During a cover of Cristi’s sister Amy’s podcast, “4 things with Amy Brown“, the couple shared how they first met. As Cristi explained in episode 196, they ended up meeting because her parents were about to divorce.

After his father left, a family friend called and invited Cristi’s mother to visit their church. She took Cristi and Amy to the church where Ben’s family was already a member. The two met at a youth group and, as Ben says, fell in love immediately.

Their first date was on the day of Amy’s baptism, which took place at Ben’s house. The two went to a debutante ball together; Cristi recalls Ben giving her a corsage because she was touched by the gesture. What Ben does remember, however, is that he thought the bodice was called a “croissant”.

According to The movie addict, the couple married on March 18, 2000 at the age of 23. During the podcast, they shared that their birthday was Amy’s birthday, which they included in the festivities. In fact, Amy’s own future husband – also named Ben, whom she also met through the church – was Ben Dozier’s best man. Amy was the bridesmaid.


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