Is China building a new bridge over Pangong Lake?


According to claims based on satellite images, China is building a new bridge across Pangong So Lake in eastern Ladakh, according to the Union Foreign Ministry. It is reported that the area where the bridge will be built is busy. According to the highest defense authorities, China is currently building a bridge in an area it already controls. They are currently building the big bridge. Military vehicles and soldiers can be transported from one side of the lake to the other using it.

They had previously built the small bridge in order to build the larger bridge. This little bridge is not made to last. Once the main bridge is completed and operational, it will be dismantled. The construction of the small bridge started in October 2021. The building was completed in January 2022. This small bridge was too narrow for even police boats to cross. The small bridge was created to transport the building materials of the bridge. Accordingly, it has been suggested that what the Chinese are currently building cannot be classified as a second bridge.

The bridge is being built across Lake Pongong, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Paxi. The army was involved. Therefore, I cannot discuss it. However, India has always assumed that the region where the bridge is built is populated. However, we keep a close eye on these activities. Foreign Minister Jaishankar also briefed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on India’s position on the border dispute with Ladakh.


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