Is New Mexico willing to pay an exorbitant cost to go green?


Is it possible to switch to renewables, keep gasoline and natural gas affordable, and remain energy independent all at the same time? The short answer is no! The inconvenient truth is that “going green” is extremely expensive, especially because anti-fossil fuel laws and regulations cause supply to drop while demand remains the same. The most fundamental law of economics is that of supply and demand.

This effort to shut down US fossil fuel production also results in energy dependence on other nations. However, if consumer demand and free market principles were allowed to determine the viability of green energy sources, the transition to renewables could be accomplished without causing price increases or compromising our energy independence.

Skyrocketing fuel prices, along with reliance on Russia and Iran for oil, is not an easy message to sell to you. That’s why anti-fossil fuel crusaders focus exclusively on the planet’s impending doom and your moral obligation to go green.

Despite all of these concerns, in New Mexico we have to face the fact that nearly half of our state’s revenue comes from oil and gas production. Hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans live off direct and indirect jobs related to fossil fuels.

In a recent op-ed published in the Santa Fe New Mexican, three Democratic lawmakers argued that we need to switch to clean energy immediately to reduce carbon emissions. They avoided the difficult topics of our out of control fuel prices, reliance on rogue nations for our oil supply, the intentional destruction of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry, and the devastating effects on the economy from New Mexico.

New Mexicans are urged to save the planet as China plans to build 43 new coal-fired power plants, with more than 100 more to be built across Asia. Progressives are trying to convince us that our tiny state of 2.1 million people, which is only 0.0026% of the world’s population, can have a huge impact on climate change, even if Asia and the rest of the developing world are going in the opposite direction.

While families in our state worry about their finances and wonder if they can afford basic necessities, deaf Democrats are treating us like guinea pigs in a gigantic science experiment. Never mind the fact that New Mexico has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, gas prices are skyrocketing and inflation is at its highest level in 40 years.

The United States was energy independent just two years ago (meaning “in net terms, the country produced more energy than it consumed, exported more energy than it “imported or, more accurately, had a greater number of exports than imports of oil, which includes crude oil and products refined from crude oil, such as gasoline and various fuels” until 2021 by Good jobs, low energy rates and general prosperity have been snatched away by your elected officials. Our state and our country are run by single-minded climate fanatics intent on ending fossil fuel production long before the public is ready to go without.

Just ask yourself: Are you ready for exorbitant fuel prices, energy dependence on foreign countries, and an even lower standard of living in New Mexico to be the “new normal”? I don’t think you are, but not all of your elected officials agree with me.


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