Japanese Sumitomo builds pilot waste treatment plant


SINGAPORE (ICIS) – Sumitomo Chemical is building a pilot mechanical waste treatment facility aimed at developing a materials recycling business using plastic waste collected from end-of-life automobiles, the Japanese producer announced on Tuesday.

The company will begin providing samples of recycled plastics to customers in fiscal year 2023 which begins April 1, it said in a statement.

“Sumitomo Chemical decided to establish a new process to manufacture polypropylene (PP) compounds using plastic waste collected from end-of-life automobiles using plastic manufacturing technology,” the company said.

Since June 2021, Sumitomo Chemical is

study a business alliance
with Japanese integrated recycling company Rever Holdings, which engages in a wide range of environmental activities, with the aim of developing material recycling businesses.

Sumitomo Chemical will use plastic waste provided by Rever for the planned new facility.

Some 3 million automobiles in Japan are dismantled each year for disposal and recycling, according to Sumitomo Chemical.

“It is particularly difficult to separate plastic components such as bumpers and interior parts and to remove foreign matter from them after dismantling, which poses a major challenge for material recycling,” he said. declared.

“In Europe, the recycling of plastic automotive components is accelerating as a number of car manufacturers are adopting parts using recycled materials for new models, setting target recycling rates. Similar moves are expected to spread to Japan,” the company added.


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