Jefferson County announces six new road construction projects


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – If you regularly drive in Jefferson County, listen up. County leaders have announced that six new road construction projects are due to start this year.

Jefferson County is growing by leaps and bounds, and county leaders said these six new highway projects are needed to expand and improve certain intersections.

“All of these projects are capacity and population improvement projects, and the traffic has really overtaken that infrastructure, and what we’re trying to do now is catch up to make sure that’s done,” Jefferson County Commission Chairman Jimmie Stephens said.

The six road projects include an extension of Lakeshore Drive.

It will realign Morgan Road and Lakeshore Parkway to form a single intersection at Highway 150.

It will also widen Morgan Road, starting just north of Hopewell near the Carvana facility to Highway 150, from two to five lanes.

Construction of the new Med West Hospital will add to an already congested area on Bell Hill Road.

The existing two- and three-lane carriageway will be extended to a five-lane carriageway.

Grants Mill Road is located in the town of Irondale, but Jefferson County maintains it.

The county will widen Grants Mill from I-459 to Old Leeds Road from two to four lanes.

Traffic lights will also be installed at the on and off ramps off I-459 at Grants Mill Road.

The area between Chalkville Mountain Road/North Chalkville Road between Old Springville Road and Woodland Circle will also be affected, with traffic lights improving traffic flow, reducing congestion on the I-59 exit ramp.

Several changes will be made to the Old Tuscaloosa Highway at Lowetown Road and McAshan Road.

And the existing steel truss bridge at Walker Chapel Road will be replaced with a new concrete bridge 200 feet long with three spans and a 32 foot traffic lane.

“We are trying to coordinate to minimize the effects on our citizens of Jefferson County with the understanding that with the completion of these projects it will be much better. That entry and exit to these areas will be much smoother,” Stephens said.

He said the cost to complete the projects is somewhere in the $100 million range.

The money will come from the Alabama Infrastructure Bank.

He said the goal was to lock in the price now before the cost of materials increases.

“That’s one of the considerations. One of the main considerations is to do this as quickly as possible, as we are currently in an inflationary spiral due to our macroeconomic situation, and we want these projects to be registered and linked at as reasonable a cost as possible. for our citizens,” Stephens explained.

A few of these projects have already started and the last project is expected to be completed by 2025.


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