Labor costs hit record high on London building sites


Hudson Contract said contractors were also enjoying record revenues in the East Midlands (£1,070) and South West (£934). Across England and Wales, earnings rose 0.9% in March to £959, matching December’s all-time high.

Hudson Contract describes itself as the UK’s largest provider of tax status and employment contract services to the construction industry with annual revenues approaching £1.8 billion and a customer base of 2,500 SMEs construction.

Managing director Ian Anfield said: “For wages to reach these levels at this time of year when construction sites are usually plagued by bad weather, it suggests it will be a solid year for the workload and income. Although there are still huge problems with inflation, fuel and materials which can only be aggravated by the war in Ukraine, the construction industry is still operating at full capacity.

“People have been building up cash reserves for deposits on new homes and renovation projects, developers are creating new models for condominium programs and the housing industry has yet to replenish the supply that has been lost after the 2007 financial crisis.

“There is still huge pent-up demand for housing in the UK and there is still a shortage of skilled workers. Our customers have full order books, although, as we saw in February, not as many tenders come through the door. »

Plumbers enjoyed the highest earnings of any trade at £1,139 a week. Demolition and demolition specialist contractors saw the biggest monthly increase at 8.1% to £938 per week, followed by shop fitting (up 5.3% to £1,096) and steel/timber framing (up 3.9% to £979).

Region Average March 2022 % change from month to month Year-over-year % change
Northeast £759 1.5% -3.7%
North West £908 -0.2% 0.8%
Yorkshire and the Humber £936 4.3% 9.0%
East Midlands £1,070 2.7% 10.5%
West Midlands £932 -0.5% 0.5%
Wales £893 -5.1% 7.2%
east of england £996 0.7% -2.0%
London £1,027 2.7% 13.1%
South East £1,005 1.0% 3.6%
South West £934 0.3% 5.4%

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