Labyrinth bid to open longer in Worcester backed by council


A new nightclub in the city has vowed to weed out any sick people on the streets nearby after being allowed to stay open longer despite criticism from nearby shopkeepers.

Traders have complained of constantly having to clean up broken bottles and vomit in New Street at the weekend.

Labyrinth, which opened in Alexander’s former New Street nightclub last month, had planned to extend its opening hours to 4.15am daily, backed by the licensing subcommittee of the Worcester City Council.

Councilors said they were “impressed” and “reassured” by the offer after discussing the proposal with nightclub owners Epic Bars and Clubs during a meeting at the Guildhall on Wednesday September 7.

Rebecca Arnold of Epic Bars and Clubs said: ‘Obviously we will be cleaning up the area outside our business at the end of the night.

“If there was vomit or anything in someone’s door over the road, or bottles that we have, even if they couldn’t be ours, we’ll pick up and clean up that mess and will do our best.”

New Street shopkeepers complained of the mess left on the town center’s cobbled streets by revelers leaving clubs and bars in the early hours of the morning, which they feared would be made worse by allowing the newest club in the city ​​to open longer.

Shop owners, who also complained of having to constantly clean up broken bottles, glasses and vomit, described the smell in the alley and some of the entrances to New Street shops as ‘disgusting’ after weekends loaded.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, who chaired the council’s licensing sub-committee meeting, said complaints about nighttime vandalism and anti-social behavior in New Street were part of a wider problem in the town center rather than the fault of the new Labyrinth nightclub.

“We are very sensitive to the concerns of residents in the area, but we are aware that the concerns relate to the general night economy rather than your specific premises,” she said.

West Mercia Police have been in discussions with Labyrinth bosses over their concerns that a 4.30am closing time, which they had originally planned to request, would increase the risk of unrest related to the drunkenness and antisocial behavior with other people leaving neighboring clubs at the same time. time.


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