Lost Island theme park building under construction is a total loss after a large fire | Waterloo


WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – KWWL news is currently at the scene of a fire at the Lost Island theme park, currently under construction on the southern edge of Waterloo near the Isle Hotel and Casino on the south side of Shaulis Road .

The fire broke out between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. There are no injuries.

Eric Bertch, owner of Lost Island, said a queuing shelter about 1,500 square feet caught fire at the southwest end of the park.

This is one of the areas where Lost Island theme park guests will line up, waiting to board a ride. Queue-style fencing is often used in these areas as a crowd barrier for park visitors queuing.

Bertch says the building will be a total loss. He says it looks like a temporary heater caught fire on a blanket.

The fire spread quickly and could be seen from afar as it got out of control. The roof of the building eventually collapsed. Eric Bertch says nothing will be left except the foundations of the building.

Unfortunately, the Yuta Falls ride (log) control panel is located in the building and was destroyed in the fire.

Bertch says he thanks the many people who called the fire department to report the blaze, as no staff or workers were on the grounds when the blaze broke out.

He says the fire will not delay the “soft” opening of the theme park in late May or early June, as it only affects one of the many attractions.

Bertch told KWWL News he hopes crews can start rebuilding this queue shelter as early as Monday.

In a press release Monday morning, the Bertch family commented on the damage and next steps.

“Yuta Falls is a family ride and an important part of the park,” the family said. “The amusement ride’s control system and charging station components have been destroyed and will need to be replaced. Our team will immediately begin inspecting and clearing the site. We are working to secure and expedite both construction materials and amusement ride components from European manufacturer.”


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