Major construction projects will impact Hatch and Thor-Freya



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Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 3:03 p.m.

The City of Spokane will kick off major construction projects next week to create improvements on two high-traffic roads. These projects will close Hatch Road to US195 and the I-90 eastbound exit ramp from Thor-Freya.

“We know these projects will present our citizens with transportation challenges this year, but the long-term benefits include safe and more sustainable infrastructure,” said Director of Public Works Marlene Feist.

Hatch Road Bridge Deck Replacement

The Hatch Road Bridge will be closed to traffic for at least four months beginning Tuesday, March 29, while crews replace the bridge deck.

What to expect:

Traffic restrictions include:

  • Closure of the Hatch Road Bridge at Hatch Road and US 195.
  • The right-hand northbound traffic lane may be closed intermittently for equipment access.
  • Hatch Road will be open from Hangman Valley to the bridge to local traffic only.

Motorists and cyclists will not be able to access Hatch Road from US 195 and will need to use an alternate route from High Drive and 57and Street. The city is working with GPS services and mobile apps such as Google Maps and Waze to avoid sending drivers to the intersection of US 195 and Hatch Road. The public should expect increased travel times. Evacuation routes will be in place in the event of an emergency.

The existing Hatch Road Bridge is susceptible to shifting when heavy vehicles cross, resulting in frequent short-term closures for repairs. A new bridge deck will allow fire trucks and local freight traffic to use the bridge and reduce the need for future maintenance. Drivers will also benefit from a right turn lane which will reduce congestion on Hatch Road. The estimated cost of this project is $1.4 million.

Reconstruction of the Thor-Freya Corridor

The eastbound I-90 exit ramp at Thor-Freya will be closed beginning Monday morning, March 28, until mid-June. The closure is part of the Thor-Freya Corridor construction project which is expected to take eight months and cost $8.9 million.

What to expect:

Traffic will be directed to use the eastbound Altamont exit while the exit ramp is closed. The eastbound on-ramp to Thor-Freya will remain open and drivers will still be able to access I-90 eastbound. Motorists will experience heavy congestion in the area. All businesses will have access from Thor and Freya streets.

The project consists of rebuilding the streets paved with concrete on Thor and Freya between Sprague and Hartson avenues. Concrete provides a more stable surface for heavy loads and higher traffic volumes. The hope is that this will reduce the number of costly repairs in the future. In addition, the City will also replace old water pipes.

The Thor-Freya Corridor construction project is divided into several phases to ensure that access to all businesses is maintained throughout the project. When work takes place on Thor, Freya will have two-way traffic. When construction takes place on Freya, Thor will have two-way traffic. The section of road under construction will be completely closed to all traffic.

Additionally, a WSDOT Project to Replace Mullan Road Bridge Deck on I-90 may impact congestion in East Spokane and the Spokane Valley City area as people take alternate routes.


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