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Walt a good idea

Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo became the player he is today thanks to former assistant Walter Smith, according to Darren Fletcher.

Fletcher said be in sports“For me, it was Walter Smith. Walter Smith joined as assistant manager around Christmas, New Year’s time.

“With Ronaldo you could see the talent and the ability. The players were part of the reason he signed in that pre-season game against Sporting Lisbon when he tore us apart.

“We had just arrived on a plane, jet lagged from America. That’s John O’Shea’s excuse!

“But you could see the talent. You could see this charismatic kid, you could see he had this drive to be the best player in the world – but he frustrated everyone’s life.

“Eventually Walter Smith arrived and decided not to give fouls in training. I think the only goal was for Ronaldo. So when Ronaldo was doing his job, not passing the ball and not taking the mick , the guys were messing it up.

“For two weeks Ronaldo was pulling his hair out – and he was going crazy! What happened after a few weeks? Ronaldo starts moving the ball because he’s tired of being kicked.

“Now he’s starting to play one or two touches and running, now he’s starting to score more goals and it’s spinning in his head, he’s having more impact in games. That was the start of Ronaldo’s transition “


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