Michigan launched 1,252 transportation projects in first year of infrastructure law, new report finds |


National and state-by-state data: artbahighwaydashboard.org

WASHINGTON, November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Michigan mobilized $1.5 billion in federal highways and bridges funds in fiscal year 2022 to help launch 1,252 new improvement projects in communities across the state across during the first year of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), a review of United States Treasury Department data by September 30 shows.

“A key takeaway from the Treasury data is that the bipartisan infrastructure law is working the first year as intended, with state transportation departments disbursing funds and projects getting underway,” said the chief economist at American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) Dr. Alison Premo Blackwho prepared the report.

“The economic and quality of life benefits of the Infrastructure Act will become even more apparent as funding continues in the years to come,” adds ARTBA President Paula Hammonda WSP UNITED STATES Senior Vice President. “The beneficiaries of these long-term investments will be American travelers in their communities.”

President Joe Biden signed the IIJA into law November 152021. Nearly 90% of the IIJA’s road funds are distributed to states through the existing formula, with the remainder distributed through discretionary grant awards and other allocated programs.

Nationwide, more than 29,000 IIJA projects have been launched through the end of September. The five largest projects supported by formula funds in Michigan are:

  1. Reconstruction and improvements along 11 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road, Town of RosevilleMacomb County – $52.6 million
  2. Pavement Reconstruction, Drainage Improvements, and Railing Replacement from Levering Road North to US-31, Cheboygan County – $38.9 million
  3. jackson/Calhoun County Line to Michigan Avenue; Multi-Course Resurfacingrepairs and preventive maintenance of bridges – $38.3 million
  4. Replacement of five bridges on I-75 in Monroe County (B03-1 and -2 of 58151, Muddy Creek, B04-1 and -2 of 58151, Otter Creek, and 58151-S06, Luna Pier) – $34.3 million
  5. Reconstruction and widening of the roadway and reconstruction of interchanges; East of Lovers Lane to east of Portage Road in the City of Kalamazoo and Carrying, Kalamazoo County$26.2 million

To access national and state project data, visit: artbahighwaydashboard.org.

Created in 1902, the washington d.c.The New York-based ARTBA advocates for infrastructure investments and policies that meet the nation’s needs for safe and efficient travel.

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SOURCE American Association of Highway and Transportation Builders


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