Minister for Savannah Reg praises government for education infrastructure


Savannah Regional Minister Saeed Muhazu Jibril said his region has benefited from significant investments in education from the Akufo-Addo administration.

According to him, the region in five years has had its fair share of massive government intervention in the education sector to facilitate teaching and learning in the region.

He said as part of the government’s plans to transform the education sector in the region, 80 new classroom blocks, a STEM university and a 21st high school have been built in the region.

“For education infrastructure in the Savannah area, we have at least made progress in this short time by building 80 classroom blocks with a few more under construction. Let me also say that this government has been very kind to the people of the Savannah area.

“We received one of the STEM universities. Five in the country so far, my region has received one. We also received one of the secondary schools of the 21st century. We also had three TVETs; one in Salaga, one in Bole and one in Damongo,” he said.

He said this when he spoke at the State of the Region Report, a weekly media engagement organized by the Ministry of Information for regional ministers to provide updates on developments in their different regions on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

Breaking down the areas in the region that have benefited from the construction of the educational institutions, the regional minister said that 7 have been constructed in Bole district, 11 in Central Gonja district, 16 in East Gonja municipality , 12 in the northeast. Gonja District, 11 in North Gonja District, 18 in West Gonja Municipal and 5 in Sawla/Tuna/Kalba District.

Touching on agricultural infrastructure, Mr. admitted that although food storage in the region has been a serious challenge, the government has launched the One District One Warehouse project to improve food supply.

He said that two warehouses have already been built and used in the region, thus a warehouse with a capacity of 1000 metric tons in Bole, a warehouse with a capacity of 1000 metric tons in Salaga and a warehouse with a capacity of 1000 metric tons at Buipe is nearly complete.

Furthermore, he said that the government has built a groundnut processing factory in Bole, a rice processing factory in Salaga and a cassava processing factory in Damongo under its much-vaunted One District One Factory program to to ensure that agricultural products produced in the region are adequately treated before transport. them in the south.

Regarding road infrastructure, he said, over the past five years, the region has witnessed major improvement with a number of projects undertaken by the various road sector departments.

He said 2.63 km of roads have been rehabilitated and another 15 km of asphalt pavements have been undertaken in the area.


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