Mooven is driving the technological disruption of infrastructure in the United States


Construction tech start-up opens office in San Francisco, building on success in Australian and New Zealand markets

Construction technology platform Mooven announced its US launch today, opening an office in San Francisco as the start-up spearheads its global expansion and reshapes the economy of how infrastructure is delivered and the resulting community impact.

“There is a growing gap between what is delivered and what is actually needed for transportation infrastructure in the United States,” said Micah Gabriels, CEO and co-founder of Mooven. “With 43% of the country’s roads in poor or poor condition, these challenges cannot be solved by maintaining the status quo. The industry has suffered from stagnant productivity for decades, while other sectors are advancing at the pace of the digital economy. »

Founded in 2017, the New Zealand technology company has successfully entered the Australian and New Zealand market as part of its efforts to help government authorities and construction companies implement smarter ways of working to achieve faster the promise of our future cities.

Mooven brings the right data and contextual knowledge closer to decision makers, enabling them to accelerate the speed at which infrastructure projects are completed, while minimizing disruption to local communities. Contextual information illustrates the impact on the transport network caused by such works, such as traffic jams or noise pollution, and allows delivery teams to plan smarter and adapt if necessary.

The U.S. expansion comes at a time when President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill has passed, providing significant stimulus funding and growth for the sector, with the intention of repair a backlog in transport systems, upgrade existing infrastructure and support the transition to a clean economy. . But there is pressure to mobilize quickly.

“In the past, there was not enough money to maintain historic roads, nor enough to build new ones. Too often we’ve seen the United States treat infrastructure investment like a political soccer ball, but now the challenge is to spend Biden’s stimulus quickly and effectively. However, it is a challenge in an industry, according to McKinsey, less than three percent of projects are completed on time and within budget, largely due to historical inefficiencies that have had too long. an impact on the operation of construction companies.

“In a political environment where complaints and public opinion matter, the pressure is high to implement broader productivity benefits and ensure that progress can happen without immobilizing cities. Mooven acts as a firewall, providing context that goes way beyond what it previously relied on, so teams can work faster and smarter.

Located in San Francisco, Mooven’s US headquarters will primarily focus its efforts on the West Coast of North America, as the region is more congested and public transportation less developed.

“Our experience in Australia and New Zealand puts us in a unique position to export our intellectual property and advanced knowledge to a similar but much larger market. The United States, like Australia and New Zealand, is unusual in the developed world with large road networks per capita and relatively low use of public transport.

The company will capitalize on its existing customer base in Australia and New Zealand with a presence in the US market – including Lendlease, Transurban, Jacobs, AECOM and WSP – to achieve its ambitious goal of achieving a 20% increase in American infrastructure delivered for the same budget.

Entering the United States, according to Gabriels, will allow Mooven to have a material and lasting impact on the way infrastructure is delivered globally, so that it can achieve its mission of creating space for cities thrive.


About Mooven

Mooven is a construction technology platform offering construction companies, engineering consultants and government authorities greater flexibility and agility, allowing them to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure, while minimizing the impacts and disruptions of the city stop.

Expanding far beyond what the industry previously relied on, Mooven brings together the right sources of data into an operational tool used to adapt construction activity to current conditions.

Mooven gives its users contextual insight into the effects of infrastructure projects and maintenance activities on road users and surrounding communities, covering network aspects such as area travel times, delays, queues, speeds, noise and dust. By bringing this data together in one place, with an understanding of not only the immediate worksite but also the flow of impacts to the surrounding city, Mooven provides a holistic view to enable contractors, infrastructure companies and governments to make decisions based on evidence.

Whether it’s capital works, rehabilitation, maintenance or network operations, Mooven helps its customers to accelerate delivery times and achieve better results for the community, while minimizing complaints from community or security issues.

Mooven works with major construction companies such as LendLease, Accionia, Downer, WSP, Jacobs, Georgiou, WBHO Infrastructure and government authorities such as the Queensland Department for Transport and Main Roads, Wellington Water and Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency) in Australia and New Zealand. Mooven is expanding its presence in the United States, where it is spearheading its goal of accelerating the delivery of major infrastructure projects while minimizing community impacts in the new market.

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