Prati launches an online technical assistance platform

Prati has officially launched Fastlane Support, an online technical support platform designed to improve customer service. As a manufacturer of label converting solutions, Prati has made it a priority to improve its global reach, providing all its customers with the fastest possible access to support.

Fastlane Support is an online technical support tool designed to streamline technical assistance requests. Customers will have less paperwork, fewer phone calls, more speed and higher satisfaction, according to the company.

“Accessible to all our customers 24/7, the online platform is personalized with a complete list of machines installed for each customer”, specifies the company. “Secure access takes the customer to their own page with machine details and serial numbers. Once the machine is selected, a menu provides an extensive list of potential alarms, malfunctions or other issues. The customer choose the most appropriate and add a more detailed description, attach a photo or video clip and hit the submit button. It’s as simple as that.”

Prati receives the request immediately and, without having to call back to verify basic details, his technical staff starts working on the solution. The customer can follow the status online at any time, which makes it easier for them to plan a schedule and consider finding a solution.

“As soon as we receive your online request, we get in touch, processing your request based on your ticket record on the Fastlane Support platform,” adds Prati.

The advantages of this platform are multiple. Customers have all the details of their machines online on their own personal webpage, and there are only three steps to request assistance and no need for phone calls, written emails or messages. . The online platform is open 24/7 regardless of time zone, and the status report is online. Customers will benefit from Fastlane treatment for every request, as it contributes to everyone’s efficiency.


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