President Biden speaks at UW-Superior regarding the bipartisan infrastructure law


President Joe Biden and Governor Tony Evers spoke at UW-Superior on Wednesday, where they discussed the expected impact of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which was passed under the Biden administration in November 2021.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, provides $110 billion in federal funding to improve roads, highways and bridges. Wisconsin is expected to receive about $5 billion as a result of the legislation over the next five years, an increase of $1 billion from the funding the state received in previous years.

During his address to the Yellowjacket Union, delivered less than 24 hours after delivering his first State of the Union address, Biden stressed the importance of federal funding to fix aging and broken infrastructure in Wisconsin and Minnesota. .

“There are 979 bridges in Wisconsin and 661 bridges in Minnesota in poor condition, as well as nearly 7,000 miles of freeway between your two states that need to be repaired,” Biden said. “And now, after years of talking about infrastructure, we are finally getting there. To finish.”

Evers echoed Biden’s sentiments explaining that he believes the federal infrastructure legislation passed by the Biden administration provides the state with much-needed support to repair its transportation infrastructure, including replacing old highways and bridges.

“Our roads and bridges in Wisconsin have suffered for years and years due to a lack of meaningful investment in our state’s transportation infrastructure,” Evers said. “With this bipartisan infrastructure act, many billions of dollars are coming our way to build on the progress we have made in repairing our roads and highways. This is a once in a generation investment, folks.

The president also stopped to speak with construction workers near the Blatnik Bridge, one of two bridges connecting Superior to Duluth. The aging bridge, built in 1961, must be replaced in 2028, a project funded by the infrastructure law.

“This bridge is 60 years old, at the end of a useful life,” Biden said. “Corrosion over the years has reduced the weight it can safely support and handle. Over the next five years, based on formula research, the bipartisan infrastructure law will provide Wisconsin with approximately 5, $4 billion for highways and bridges.

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