Red Bull boss calls on FIA technical directive to combat porpoising of compromise


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called the FIA’s mid-season technical directive to tackle porpoising a “compromise”.

F1 2022 regulatory changes have resulted in a return to ground effect in a bid to improve the quality of racing. This design decision also resulted in porpoises, with the cars bottoming out and bouncing violently off their rear suspensions at speeds near top speed.

This phenomenon became a major safety issue during the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP weekend, when several drivers complained about the potential adverse health consequences associated with it. Loudest among them was Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who was visibly uncomfortable after the race at the Baku circuit.

After discussing the issue of porpoising with the 20 @F1 drivers and 10 crew chiefs, I am pleased to confirm that we will submit the updated 2023 technical regulations to the WMSC this week to resolve this issue, in addition to the measures already taken for the remainder of this season

The FIA ​​was quick to announce a technical directive which was adopted after the last meeting of the World Motor Sport Council with some modifications. They also approved the new Power Unit regulations for the 2026 F1 season at the same meeting.

When F1 returns from the summer break to race at Spa-Francorchamps later this month, the FIA ​​will measure the levels of porpoising experienced by all teams and expect them to operate below a certain threshold. for their car to be considered safe. They also announced measures for the upcoming 2023 and 2024 seasons.

The FIA ​​plans to implement changes to redefine the stiffness requirements of the bottom board and pads around the thickness measurement holes in a bid to crack down on the flexible floor loophole that Red Bull and Ferrari appear to have exploited until now. now.

The height of the diffuser throat will also be increased while the overall rigidity of the diffuser will also be increased. An additional sensor will also be made mandatory to more effectively study oscillations and vibrations.

The initial directive also called for the edges of the floor to be raised by up to 25mm, which was opposed by no less than six teams, with Red Bull leading the protests. Now the edges of the floor will need to be raised 15mm instead.

Speaking in an interview with RacingNews365 After confirmation of the directive, the Red Bull boss said:

“[15mm] is not as good as leaving it alone, [but] it’s not as bad as the 25mm that was originally [suggested]. It’s a compromise that we will have to integrate for next year. We will just have to deal with it and find a solution. That’s what we’ve done well over the years, and we’ll have to do it with this challenge.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull want to win more races when F1 summer break ends

Despite the changes that need to be implemented, Max Verstappen and Red Bull have no intention of taking their foot off the pedal, admitting they want to try and win more races after the summer break.

Christian Horner’s side have done well to overcome their initial reliability issues and have made leaps and bounds in their two league battles this season.

Red Bull have won nine of the first 13 races in 2022, with Max Verstappen taking eight of those victories. The reigning world champion has also been on the podium in every race he has finished except this year’s race at Silverstone.

The Dutchman also capitalized on Ferrari’s mistakes and misfortunes to forge an 80-point lead over Charles Leclerc in the Drivers’ World Championship standings. At the same time, Red Bull are 97 points ahead of Scuderia Ferrari in the constructors’ championship race.

Despite his advantage, Verstappen and Red Bull want to continue for more. In an interview after winning the 2022 Hungarian F1 GP, the 24-year-old said:

“I think as a team we always want to win more races and that’s what we will definitely try to do and after the break. It’s a big lead we have, but we can’t have too many days [like Saturday]. We also had some small issues with the clutch in upshifts [in the race]which wasn’t great to drive [with]. Overall of course it’s good, but we [will] just keep working and keep trying to make things better.

Verstappen will want to pick up where he left off when the summer break ends and the 2022 Belgian F1 GP arrives. The reigning world champion has the chance to break the record for most wins in a single F1 season. The current record of 13 wins is jointly held by German world champions Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

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