Seaside Winter Sauna offer for Falmouth Castle Beach in Cornwall


Some of Falmouth’s summer beach huts could be replaced by a seafront sauna business over the winter if plans materialize.

If advanced, he could see the space taken up by a number of cabins at Castle Beach during the summer months being used during the winter, by converted shipping containers.

These would be clad in wood, containing a reception and changing rooms in the centre, with two individual saunas containing a wood-burning stove on either side.

A design for the proposed sauna business Photos: Ben Revill/Cornwall Council

Plans show these being placed across the stretch from the Castle Beach Cafe, for an initial six-month period in the first place.

However, claimant Ben Revill states in documents submitted to Cornwall Council that if successful, the hope was that it would be a year-round business.

He has requested pre-application advice from the council, which means that this is not currently a formal planning request, but rather a request for information on the success of such an application.


The plans are as follows: “Converted shipping containers located on the concrete slab at Castle Beach, mirroring the size of the containers at the beach cafe, replacing the beach cabins located there during the summer months .

“First six-month pop-up window this winter, from October to March, but with the hope that it will be all year round.”

He says being at the end of the ’embankment’ would allow free circulation for the cafe and saunas from the access steps, leaving the central space free for pop-up events, cabins beach, extra cafe seating or whatever was needed.

The proposed winter facility at Castle Beach Photos: Ben Revill/Cornwall Council

The proposed winter facility at Castle Beach Photos: Ben Revill/Cornwall Council

The containers, 20ft by 8ft, would be fully lockable, to protect them from the weather and any break-ins, and would be clad in vertical treated wood, with a “living sedum” green roof, double glazing and a “barn door”. “. Lockable style shutters for security.

A planning officer will review the proposals, which were only cleared by council on Wednesday, and then contact Mr Revill with his views on success, along with any changes that may be needed if full planning permission is sought.


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