Sinn Féin to table proposal to break deadlock with workers protesting at Council meeting – Armagh I


As workers plan to picket outside the Craigavon ​​Civic Center this evening (Monday), Sinn Féin have announced they will table a new proposal in a bid to break the industrial action deadlock.

Sinn Féin leader Councilor Liam Mackle said his party would, once again, make a proposal to secure a fair pay deal for council staff at tonight’s full council meeting.

“We continue to liaise with senior union leaders to secure a fair wage deal for our workers that reflects how much we value them,” Councilor Mackle said.

Lurgan’s representative said his party was also working to persuade other political parties to support their proposal.

He explained: “Any realistic prospect of a deal must include an additional pay rise as well as a one-off cost of living payment and the national wage deal, currently £1,925 a year.

“We believe a deal can be reached that is both fair to workers, but also fair to our taxpayers who are also suffering terribly due to the cost of living crisis.

“We encourage all parties to support us in supporting and supporting our hard-working staff.”

In a letter to its members on Friday, the three main unions said that while some political parties have shown support for the strike, others have not.

They added, “The union parties have met and held discussions with various political parties and although these meetings have been productive, we have yet to achieve a breakthrough that all parties support.

“There has been public intervention and support from some political parties on local websites and social media.

“However, some advisers still want you to believe that the informal offers made to the Labor Relations Agency and reiterated by the CEO in an email today (over the holidays) are somehow adequate to resolve your dispute. .

“We hope to take this opportunity to meet with those advisers who have been reluctant to do so and for you to explain your case directly to them.”

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